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Because I am ridiculous and it seemed like a good idea at the time, I decided to list the blog on Picket Fence Blogs last night. It may bring out my annoyingly competitive side, but I promise not to beg for votes, all that often. But, out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on the most and least annoying way to ask for votes. I find the blog posts (like this one) to be the most annoying, followed by facebook, followed by tweeting the link. Using twitter doesn’t really bug me at all, in fact, I tend to click. Plus, Picket Fence has the added bonus of only needing one click unlike the super complicated Top Baby Blogs, which takes TWO clicks. Geez.

So, if you feel like helping a girl out, click the button below. There is a button over on the right sidebar, too. You can click everyday. And you should. Because I am awesome. And not at all annoying.


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6 Responses to “Spare a Click?”

  1. Brigid Keely says:

    I like when a blog has their various “vote/click for me” links at the bottom of every post, because it’s a reminder to do so that isn’t intrusive. It’s not a separate “vote vote vote” post, but it IS a reminder. I use a wordpress plugin that automatically adds a footer to each post that includes technorati tags, text, and ads (in my case, banners for voting sites, not paid advertising). But I don’t find “vote for me” posts, like, ENRAGING or anything. They just disrupt the signal to noise ratio of a blog.


    Amy Reply:

    Thanks, I am debating about adding it in the footer. I might wait until they do a reset because I am thousands of votes behind even the top third.


  2. the grumbles says:

    clickity clickity. i sometimes think about joining one of those doodads and then i’m really fucking lazy. but not too lazy to vote for *other* people.


    Amy Reply:

    I will obsess over this for a week and be done with it, something else shiny on the internet will distract me.


  3. TMae says:

    click click. I’m with Brigid. The footer buttons are nice reminders.


    Amy Reply:

    That is so interesting. I always thought people hated the footers.


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