Week (11) in Phone Pictures

This week was super fun. We had the tail end of the sickness and then finally ventured out in to the world again. We kicked off this week with the Superbowl.

First was a trip to Target for snacks, bubbles and a stop at the in-store Starbucks.

The Starbucks barista had a bunch of stickers out and gave Spencer the monkey sticker he’s playing with above.  He of course parroted back sticker when I told him what it was and when I told the barista it was the first time he had said the word, I thought her ovaries were going to explode all over my latte. Adorable.

How Spencer spent the Superbowl: 1) sleeping 2) discovering the wonder and joy of chex mix.

Monday, this arrived in my mailbox and the squee was heard round the world. I am in love with Felt Spencer (available from Uff Da! Designs).

Spencer took the cutest nap ever.

Replacement for the ubiquitous orange hat phase one. This was not a contender.

So very many bubbles this week. I thought Spencer had been replaced by a mini-Don-Ho.

Wednesday marked our triumphant return to the park after an exile caused by buckets of snot.

My genius plan to have tacos and wine before the online qualifying test for Jeopardy may or may not have been my brightest idea yet. I was suprised by how many of the questions I got right and was stumped by a few easy ones. I should have remembered that Pb was the symbol for Lead. Dumb.

Spencer illustrating that he is indeed a cool as ice.

Somebody check the temperature in hell because I think it is very, very chilly. I worked out! And then again the next day! All of you twitter exercisers are a bad influence on me.

I attempted to see if Spencer could learn to nap when awake. We modeled it with his bear. The bear was sleepy and resting on the pillow. And then the bear was not.

Spencer massacred a plate of spaghetti in a restaurant, our first attempt at red sauce out of the house went swimmingly. Obviously.

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17 Responses to “Week (11) in Phone Pictures”

  1. Kim says:

    You and Suzanne have such cute pics form Target this week, you should be paid advertisers! How’s the new hat working out?


    Amy Reply:

    The new hat is a little big and I hope we can find a better one. I’m not thrilled with it, but it was $5 at H&M and stays on his head.


  2. Wendy says:

    Spencer is so adorable! Felt Spencer is pretty cute too.


  3. Wendy says:

    Oh, and are you trying to get on Jeopardy? Because that would be freaking awesome!


    Amy Reply:

    The have an annual online test for Jeopardy, I thought I would give it shot. I signed up for it last year, but was unable to take it.


  4. TMae says:

    We’ve been putting O’s stuffed animals to bed too!!! Someone suggested that I model diaper changes when he started refusing to lay still for them (haven’t tried that) and I was telling my mom about it – so she suggested we try it with his animals. I don’t know if it’s working, but we do it.


    Amy Reply:

    The modeling with the animals is not really helping. I managed after trying 15 minutes before naps for 3 days to get him to lie down for 1 minute. But, the entertaining result is now he decides all sorts of things are sleepy. He laid his train on the ground this morning, pointed and said sleepy.


  5. Suzanne says:

    You guys had a super cute week! Of course, I am a sleep-deprived moron who had to read the “someone check the temperature in hell” line FOURTEEN TIMES because I thought you were saying that “incline: 12” was the temperature and I was trying to convert it to Fahrenheit. Maybe someone should put my teddy bear to bed so I can take a nap too.


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  7. Bella says:

    Those are great pics! He sure is a cute little guy!


    Amy Reply:



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  9. Natalie says:

    I’ve decided that everyone just better settle in and get used to seeing LOTS of bubble pictures, because they keep the kiddos SO enthralled and entertained for hours.

    I adore the sleeping Spencer picture. LOVE the Pjs.


    Amy Reply:

    I found those at the Carter’s outlet for less than $5. I love them. He wears the shirt out, too. Yes, bubbles are here to stay, but not so easy to take a picture of with my phone.


  10. Cole says:

    Felt Spencer? LOVE. Also, Mommy thinks you are brave for attempting pasta away from home!


    Amy Reply:

    I think maybe the world needs a Felt Cole.


  11. amylee says:

    oh my gosh, you weren’t kidding when you said cutest nap ever. i think target is in my future tomorrow.

    watch for pics next sat.


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