When Breastfeeding Struggles Go Too Far

I still haven’t been able to fully blog about my breastfeeding struggle. It was so hard for me, on me and social media made it that much worse. I have tons of thoughts swirling in my head, but it always deteriorates into an I Hate Breastfeeding diatribe, which is strange for someone who is still nursing their almost 19 monther.  That said, I read this post on Fearless Formula Feeder today and it blew me away. I got chills and ugly cried.

A few moths into my breastfeeding journey, my lactation consultant pretty much determined that I had Insufficient Glandular Tissue and had I not listened to my doctor and the threats of hospitalization for failure to thrive when Spencer was 4 weeks old, this story could have been mine. Go read it. It is amazing.

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5 Responses to “When Breastfeeding Struggles Go Too Far”

  1. TMae says:

    I’m so sorry that you feel ragey about breastfeeding. Tanira’s story is sad, I’m glad it had a happy ending.

    I *HATE* that this is even an issue. More divide and conquer from the mom-police. Coming to a town near you!


  2. C says:

    OMG!!!! I didnt know that that was a possible situation. This post opened my eyes, and made me cry.


  3. Kimer says:

    I am glad you are sharing on the struggles of nursing. I had my own struggles with it but was able to persevere to a point where it was successful and I loved it. I think too many moms are made to feel guilty about either their choice not to breast feed or somehow less than because they are unwilling or unable to do so. Women just need to support each other!


    Kimber Reply:

    Missed the B in my name…LOL


  4. jill says:

    wow, what a crazy sad story. :( sorry to hear you have had struggles too.


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