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“So, your blog is called Baby Baby Lemon?” she asked during the break between sessions. I arrived at my table too soon, much too soon.

“Yes,” I answered a little nervously, I hadn’t prepared much of a pitch. I didn’t really know what to expect at my first blogging conference.

“And you have two children?” she strained to keep the conversation going.

“No, just one. He’s 13 months,” I said. It finally dawned on me where this conversation was going. In the toilet. Fast.

“So, you… like lemons?” she asked.

“No, it is a joke, a Simpsons reference. It was Apu’s wife’s first pregnancy test. Like a slot machine, a baby came up, then a baby, then a lemon. The next time was a pirate. Then, they had octuplets,” I said.

“I see. How did you feel about blogging through the conception process; I know that can be tricky,” she said.

“Well, I started blogging when he was a month old. I mean I had an old blog when I was younger, but I deleted it when I grew up. Got older. Got some sense. Um, this blog is different,” I trailed off.

“And your blog is named after a pregnancy test. And you have one child. And it is named Baby Baby Lemon,” she said.

I started wondering if her eyes were actually going to roll out of their sockets. Dude, just move on. I said, “does the fact that I included a lemon in the header help? I like the Simpsons and I needed a name and it popped in my head. I didn’t know it was going to have to be a thing. Or that I was supposed to be a brand. I just wanted to write. I wanted connection, community, I was a new mom, struggling.”

She said, “Oh, I think it is simply lovely how supportive the PPD moms can be.”

“I don’t. What? I just wanted to write and make some mom friends,” I answered.

She sighed.

“Why would someone blog if they didn’t want to write?” I asked. And then I looked at her card. PR Biz Mommy Giveaways and Hoopla. “Oh,” I said, “so, you do giveaways and stuff?”

“Blogging is about more than writing, you know. SEO. Page Rank. Contacts. Networking,” she said and walked away, my card slipping from her fingertips to the floor.

This post was written to the Red Writing Hood prompt: write a piece, fiction or non-fiction, inspired by the delicious shot. This post is mostly true. Mostly.


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25 Responses to “Mmmm… Blog”

  1. TMae says:

    I like this other writer-y side of you. I mean, I like all sides of you, but this side is new to me.


    Amy Reply:

    You best like all sides of me. Does this mean you think my other posts are written like crap? hmm…


  2. Mrs. Wonder says:

    I love all the assumptions! I’ve totally been in conversations like that. And I love hearing how the blog title came about.


  3. Natalie says:

    Mmm…I see what you did there.

    I loved it!

    This is probably why I am and will always be, a small potato blog. I’m okay with that.

    “When I [write], I [write] for me
    I don’t need your charity”


    Amy Reply:

    This is actually a combination of people. Before BlogHer, I am figuring out how to explain my blog. Besides just “It’s awesome,” of course.


  4. Amy says:

    This scares me to go to a Blog Conference! If I see you at one, please know there’s no judging :)

    Great post! Had me sucked right into the conversation!

    PS I love your lemons. Ha!


    Amy Reply:

    The lesson I learned was that if you name your blog something random be prepared to own it.


  5. I’ve always wondered about your blog title! I loved reading about how it came to be. Fun!


  6. Andrea says:

    Hmmn. I liked this. It was definitely interesting and absolutely a different take on the prompt, which, in my opinion, is very cool. If the doughnut inspired you to write this story, then so be it!

    As for conferences, I have never been to one but will be soon. I’m sorry you felt so critiqued about your decision to blog, and why you chose the name you did, etc. I think it is so true that so many of us come into this blogging universe and have no idea what we expect of it. We just want to write. Share. Make friends (or like me for the first month, just the first two!). That’s all it means. The branding, naming, etc. etc. are not even a blip on the horizon. And sometimes even when they are, they aren’t. I like the name. And now that I know the reasoning behind it I love it even more! Nice to *meet* you!


    Amy Reply:

    The donut inspired me because of Homer and his love of donuts on the Simpsons. There was a clue in the title. The rest of the conference was fantastic. There was just one or two super awkward conversations. Nice to meet you too!


    Andrea Reply:

    I figured that connection, or I think I did. And now that you mention it more I think that doughnut looks just like the one [or many!] in the SImpsons movie!!


  7. You know what was fantastic? Lunch! Most of our table rocked, wouldn’t you say?
    And yes, I had a similar experience there. And its funny that you mention this, I can totally relate to the donut concept. My eyes GLAZED over at some of the topics that were discussed. There were a couple of gals that were the personification of donuts as well, all pretty and poised and not a lot of substance. Not that I could name names.


    Amy Reply:

    Our lunch was so much fun! Also – they totally should have had donuts.


  8. Ginger says:

    Those are some BIG assumptions there!

    I love the story of your blog name, and I totally feel you on how hard it can be to explain your blog in a quick wrap up. If you find the magic key, share ok?


    Amy Reply:

    I am determined to figure it out by BlogHer in August.


  9. Erin says:

    I so love the story of how you got your Blog name!! So glad I did not run into that woman at a conference!


  10. Nichole says:

    I’ve always wondered about the name of your blog…
    That conference was an interesting experience, for sure.
    I’m looking forward to BlogHer. I promise I won’t abandon you on any couches.


  11. Mama Track says:

    Loved this take on the prompt. It was great. Also loved the conversation–I’m thinking about going to a conference, and this is helpful!

    Nice job with the dialogue–that’s always hard.

    And great blog name.

    Visiting from TRDC


  12. Leighann says:

    I had no idea your blog title was from the simpsons but I do remember the octuplets.
    Well done.


  13. Mandyland says:

    LOVED the story of how you thought of your blog name. So awesome.

    And oddly enough, I got the Homer donut ref in the title.

    I’m so sorry you met that woman. I met someone similar at the conference I attended. She was a Very Important Blogger Businesswoman who had a Very Important Idea that was lightyears away from silly things like writing.


    Amy Reply:

    Ah, the Very Important Bloggers. They are less fun. I will take the silly writers any day.


  14. Kim says:

    This is really well written. I liked how the story of the blog title was weaved through the dialogue. And I really like the blog title!


  15. I like how your wrote this without drawing any conclusions, thanks for the great writing!

    It’s kind of sad when people can only see one way of doing things.

    And, I love your blog name!


  16. […] *My name is Amy. I have one child. My blog is called Baby Baby Lemon as a (misguided) Simpson’s reference. […]

  17. Audrey says:

    Ooh, I like this! Thanks for back-linking to it so I could find it.


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