Project 365 Days 64-70

March 5th – 11th


I think this one was on my week in phone pictures post last weekend, Spencer had so much fun chasing Phoebe around.


We asked Spencer to put away his toys and he did, everything was just relocated to the couch. The whole time he did it he muttered, “put away, put away.”


Didn’t have any great pictures from this day yet and then luckily Spencer decided to play a little house soccer.


Some how I missed this the day it happened, but I came downstairs in the morning and saw it and thought it was too cute. Spencer loves having his hands and feet traced, so I guess they did a father-son pair. Love.


Sitting in his wee little birdhouse chair in his grandparent’s garden.


Doing a little birdwatching in the front yard after a trip to the park.


Spencer played with his shadow. Squee! He stood and squatted saying hi and waving. Then he made his shadow jump and waved some more. I am totally kicking myself for only taking still pictures, but I am sure it will happen again.



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12 Responses to “Project 365 Days 64-70”

  1. OttosMom says:

    Too cute! We are big hand and foot tracers in this house too! I get the impression that Spencer (like my guy lately) is shying away from having his face photographed? Unless he’s strapped in or bribed we can’t seem to get a head-on shot at all anymore (sucks).

    ps. What are still pictures?


    Amy Reply:

    Spencer is the furthest thing from camera shy. I gave myself a no faces rule to make the project 365 more interesting. And by still, I just meant regular pictures instead of video.


    OttosMom Reply:

    Ohhhh, well you are lucky! He is cute from all angles. And I like the back-of-head-on-purpose idea. I may pretend I’m only taking blurry ear shots on purpose, haha!


  2. Heather says:

    What a little cutie, even from behind! Stopping by from SITS


  3. Kimberly says:

    Looks like a fun week! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  4. Sarah says:

    So cute! We did that with all of our hands. ha ha! Love your photos this week! Thanks for linking up.


  5. Natalie says:

    Yay! I love Spencer birdwatching & playing with his shadow. *squee* so fun.


    Amy Reply:

    I LOVE shadow spencer. We get a ton of light in the morning, I will have to encourage shadow spencer to play often.


  6. Angee says:

    Love the hands.


  7. Suzanne says:

    OMG the playing with his shadow is just like Peter Pan. But not the sort of lame Disney Peter Pan, the awesome Mary Martin stage version PBS used to play all the time. SO CUTE.


    Amy Reply:

    Wow. You just theater dorked all over the comments. I love the Disney Peter Pan, but mostly for Smee.


  8. Meg :) says:

    Oh, that picture of the hands is just too cute! I’ve got so many pictures of stuff the kids have drawn on their magic boards. Cute!!

    Thanks so much for linking up to my Project365 and for visiting my blog! :) Hope to see you next week! :)


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