Project 365 Days 71-77

March 12th – March 18th

This is my 2010 Project 365 – one photo per day for a year. My goal is to show no faces and try to focus on more challenging composition or landscapes/nature. Also? Point and shoot, baby. No f-stops here.


I never tire of shadow pictures or toddler running pictures. I love this one and then hubs pointed out how interesting the angle is because you can see both arms in the shadow, but only one of Spencer’s arms.


And what do I like almost as much a shadow and running pictures? Slide pictures! This is at the playground at the neighborhood school. Spencer liked the playground ok, but loved the mulchy wood chips.


A little light reading after breakfast.


Spencer finally discovered the little stand in the corner at the bottom of the stairs. I tried to keep him away, but he kept taking the candles, sniffing them and saying, “Ahhh, Lishus.” (lishus = delicious)


This picture is equal parts embarrassing and awesome. I think we have a little Nick Jr problem.


Sneak attack! Really Spencer was just “helping” in the garden, but I adore how ominous this picture turned out. Beware of toddlers bearing shovels.


Spencer loves his dinosaur puzzle; I love the way his little feet stick out when he plays with the puzzle on his lap.

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14 Responses to “Project 365 Days 71-77”

  1. Natalie says:

    Hehe, I love “lishus” it makes me smile.

    I also adore the shadow photo! It makes me happy!


    Amy Reply:

    It was so cute. A deep sniff and then lishus. And the candles are old, so I am not sure how much scent they still have.


  2. Cole says:

    I love that shadow pic – he’s about to run right off the page!


    Amy Reply:

    He loves running home from the park. It is only about 6 houses, so he can run the whole way.


  3. TMae says:

    Really love the shadow!


    Amy Reply:

    I would seriously post shadow pictures every day if I didn’t think I would tire of them.


  4. Sarah says:

    Aww! Sweet photos! :) Have a great weekend!Thanks for linking up.


    Amy Reply:

    I had fun this week. Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Brooke G says:

    We have a bit of a Nick Jr problem at our house too! It is winter… and we have run out of inside entertainment.


  6. Kimberly says:

    I love his hair in the shadow pic!!


  7. Lisa says:

    The feet are so cute sticking out on the last one!


  8. Meg :) says:

    Okay so many of your pictures had me laughing! (74-76) Too funny! I love the bit about the arm in #71 and the shadow ~ so neat! :) That story about him saying “Licious” ~ way too cute!!! :)


  9. Meg :) says:

    Also wanted to say thank you for linking up again!! So glad you could stop by my blog! :)


    Amy Reply:

    Thank YOU for hosting a linky! I love seeing everyone’s pictures.


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