Spencer and the Big Kids

On Saturday, we went to a bbq/birthday party for a friend of ours. We’ve known him since high school and in a funny twist of fate, hubs, the friend and I triple-dated to a school dance once, all with different dates. Ahh, memories. So, this friend has  almost 8-years-old triplets. I know! These also happen to be some of the cutest, smartest and nicest kids I know. However, in party-mode, with at least 12 other kids (ranging from 20 months to 8 years-old) in attendance, things get a little crazy. Luckily, Spencer, for the most part, could hold his own.

It was a little hectic when we first got there because a bunch of the 8-year-olds were playing tether ball in the back and Spencer just saw ball, ball, ball! and charged the game. He would then get distracted by their (thankfully) oh so patient dog and run to the other end of the yard, kicking the soccer ball. And then he would go for the tether ball again. It was so stressful (for me), my danger-sense would not stop pinging. So I had a beer. The big kids went off to play in the front yard and Spencer got to play some tether ball with me and the hubs. Well, it was more like smack himself in the face ball, but it was really cute to watch and Spencer oddly loves getting hit in the face with things. He is a kook.

Then he went inside to play with the girls and he flirted his little toddler pants off, trying to tickle them and showing them his belly. He knows all the cool tricks to impress the ladies. So, then he hugged one of the girl triplets and she let Spencer knock her over, and hubs said Attack! because that’s what we do at home. Oh my, did the other kids think this was fun. All of a sudden we had 5 girls ranging from 4 to nearly 8, laying on the floor screaming Attack Spencer Attack! And attack he did.

It was hysterical. Unfortunately, it didn’t really help with the whole teaching Spencer not to shove/hit/touch other kids, but he had so much fun and truly glowed from all the attention. I think I need to get this boy in to preschool.



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12 Responses to “Spencer and the Big Kids”

  1. It sounds like he had a really good time!


  2. Stopping over from SITS…what a great site! I love the lemon logo :)


    Amy Reply:

    Thanks! I do love lemons. And thanks for stopping by.


  3. Jill says:

    love little boys :) least he enjoyed himself! :D hehehe.


  4. Alexey says:

    … ச ர ச ழ ப ண ட ய பல லவ மன னர கள வம சம ப ரதப ப ர ன ப த பட கள க க உணவ வழங க யத கச ச ல க றத சங கத தம ழ ப டல கள .//அன ன சங கத தம ழ ப டல எந த வர கள ல ? ய ர எழ த ய ப டல கள ? க ய கற வக உணவ ? இல ல ம ம ச உணவ ? வ ர வ க எழ த ங கள அற ய ஆவல ய இர க க ற ன . :)//த ன ன ந த யர ம த க ர த தவ இஸ ல ம ய கல ச ச ரம (கன ற வ ச ச ரம ) க டத த ன வ ய ல funnel வ த த ம க க ம ட வ ட ட கட கடவ ன ற க ச ச வ த த த ண க க ற ர கள ? அத க க ட ட ஒர பத வ ப ட ட உங கள sulacer credential ஐ வ ள க க ட ட க க ள ள ங கள ன ?//ஆர .எஸ .எஸ ச ய ய ம கல ச ச ர அழ ப ப பற ற எழ த ன ல ஏன இவ வளவ அட த த மதத த னர ம த ஆத த ரம ? //ப ன த த மஸ இந த ய பக கம தல வ த த க க டப பட க கவ ல ல என ற ப ப ப ச ல ல வ ட ட ர ஆன ல இன ன ம st thomas mount என ற ச ல ல ம த க வ ல மண அட க க ற ர கள தம ழ ந ட ட ல .// இதற க பத ல ச ல ல ய ர வத க ற ஸ தவர கள அல லத ப ப ப க ள ங கள . எனத பத வ ல “ஆர யர கள ன ப யர கள ம , வ ள ள க க ரன ன ப யர கள என அட ய ளங கள வரல ற ற ல ந ற ந த க ணப பட க றத .” இந த வர கள மண ண ன மக களத த ன ம ய ன அட ய ளங கள அழ த த/அழ க க ற அன வர க க ம த ன . சமக லத த ல இந த த ர த தல வரல ற ற மற ற எல ல ர ய ம வ ட அத கம க ச ய வத ப ர ப பன ய ஆர .எஸ .எஸ என பத ல சந த கம ல ல .//எங க ப ல வனத த ல இர க க ம ஒர ஆவ ய கடவ ள என கட ட யப பட த த வணங க வ க க ற ர கள க ல ல ப ட ட ம ல ல க கள . தம ழகத த ல அதற க ஜல ல அட ப பதற க உங கள ப ப ன ற க ட டங கள க ர ஷ ணன த த ட ட வத !//க ர ஸ ணன ய ர ? ப ரத கத ய ன அரச யல ச ட ச மம என ன என பத பற ற க த பற ற ய எனத கட ட ர கள பட ய ங கள . உங கள க க த ள வ க ட க கல ம . //க ன ர தம ழ ர ய ப பட த த தம ழ ல த ர ச ச ப ற றவர கள உண ட வ ட ட க க ர ண டகம ப ல க ர ஷ ணன ப ப ர ப ப ன யக கடவ ள என பத !// ப ர ப பன யத த கட ட க க க க பயன பட த தப பட க ற கடவ ள வ ற என ன என ற அழ ப ப ர கள ? தல த -பக ஜன மக கள ன கடவ ள என ற அழ ப ப ர கள ?


  5. sildenafil says:

    That insight’s perfect for what I need. Thanks!


  6. You’ve captured this perfectly. Thanks for taking the time!


  7. I missed the speech regretfully. However, don’t you think it quite amusing that McCain would nominate a female VP…seems audacious that he would think that just because she’s female that he can capture the Clinton fan base.What a goon…I hope there are smart people out there that can see through that BS of a move.


  8. This is how a fiend of mine got asked to homecoming in highschool


  9. Shoot, so that’s that one supposes.


  10. I still don’t believe people who are not paying attention to their diet and eating a standard diet including sugar are all unhealthy and short lived. Except from fringe authors with money to make I have never seen any evidence that people are dropping dead because of eating cake, which is something we have done for centuries. People are not getting poisoned by sugar but some of them are getting poisoned by excessive sugar consumption which is why people were healthier 100 years ago, but there was sugar in the diet of course.


  11. It’s amazing what happens when you begin to work from the inside out. Since thinking is too easy people think in order for them to have they have to do. When we begin to work from the inside out we become unstoppable!


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