Week (15) in Phone Pictures

This week the universe punished me for having blenvy (blog envy, still working on making that happen). Every week I look at every one’s week in phone pictures posts and think I can do that. I can make cute little daily collages or snappy captions or number my photos in picnik. I was determined to take multiple pictures every day. I would run fun errands, not have Spencer wear the same outfits all the time.

And then.

I got a sinus infection/cold/allergies/mystery illness that kicked my butt, but I was determined to soldier on.

And then.

The SD card in my phone died. And it took me two days to get it together, trouble shoot, buy a card reader I didn’t need (thanks Verizon!) and then get a new card (thanks poor planning that put me in Target 30 minutes before the iPad2 came out).

So, behold the only camera picture I have for the week, which I also used for project365 which is the only reason I have it:

Spencer on a chair in his grandma’s garden. Woot!

To join in the fun, add yourself to the blog hop below or head over to Amy’s to grab the code.

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