Week (16) in Phone Pictures

I do this post every week and I seriously do not know how you guys do it. I just do not remember to take pictures with my phone. Plus, I was still fighting my sinus infection this week, so there was a lot of lounging around the house. To make up for the randomness of the pictures, I did collages. Yay distractions!

Super awesome felt board preview! I am going to try and get the tutorial done this week. They took away our couch on Sunday and we had to push our two side chairs together and make a fake couch. Spencer loved dropping stuff in between the chairs.

Still playing bubbles almost every day. He is getting a lot better with actual making the little fan wand produce bubbles. I am not sure if it is just his reflection, but he has been obsessed with the back door that leads to the laundry room/pantry. We normally keep it locked and toddlers are very persistent. There has been much knob jiggling.

We had a truly amazing customer service experience with our couch. The guys who own the store we bought it from picked it up Sunday night, took it to LA on Monday, the manufacturer recovered it, re-stuffed the cushions and re-padded the arms. For free. And we got it back Monday night. (The picture is from Tuesday because I tweeted it to Natalie). Amazing. Just goes to show that buying local and from small businesses pays off.

I took Spencer to Barnes and Noble as a treat because he had been so patient with being housebound. Oh my god, he loved it so much. I’m not sure why I didn’t take him sooner. I think he was most excited to see Dora.

Two trips to the park and a lesson for mama that Spencer is not ready for lift the tab books. He is still set on rip! shred! destroy!

Stayed home all day cooking, cleaning and getting ready for the in-laws to come over for our St Patrick’s day yumfest. Only took this one crappy picture all day. Lovely.

Friday was fun and super busy. Hubs had the day off work so we walked to the mall, hit the play area, did some shopping, walked to one of our new favorite spots for lunch and the Spencer fell asleep on the way home. We parked the stroller in the shade in the front yard and got an impromptu hour of yard work done. It is amazing how much better this little spot looks after some weeding and some mulching.

After nap, we took our first wagon outing to the park. It was cold and windy so we did a little swinging and a little wheel spinning and headed home.

Only one picture from Saturday. Dinosaurs attacked my laptop. So, there is our week. My goal for next week is to not only get a picture every day, but try and get two activities. Challenging, I know.

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8 Responses to “Week (16) in Phone Pictures”

  1. Cole says:

    I *love* playing at Barnes & Noble! Ours has a train table, so in addition to the reading, I could play with that for hours contentedly…


    Amy Reply:

    A train table! How fun! Ours has a little stage with chairs on it and an area with puppets.


  2. Suzanne says:

    I really wish someone would recover our couch. Not because it’s worn out, but because it’s been spit up on so many times it permanently smells like spoiled milk. Comfy, right?

    Ugh, gardening. Our yard is AWFUL and I should be out there right now working on it but there’s so much to clean up I feel like just giving up before I start.


    Amy Reply:

    Yes, the bonus was that this also got rid of a pocket of mysterious stink.


  3. Randalin says:

    I also have a seriously difficult time remembering to take photo’s for these posts! It’s fun to look back at the week so I continue to try to make an effort.
    I’m so jealous of your pictures from the park! We still have a bit of snow left here :(


    Amy Reply:

    We had really nice weather last week, but it is cold, windy and pouring rain now, if that makes you feel any better. :)


  4. TMae says:

    I love Spencer’s willingness to wear hats. SO CUTE.


    Amy Reply:

    He loves hats. I don’t love the gray hat, but the orange hat was getting way too small and I can’t find a cute replacement.


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