Week (17) in Phone Photos

Not a very exciting week. Thought I would follow up my two weeks of having a sinus infection with me, hubs and Spencer all getting colds. Awesome.


Pretty clouds, went to target, holy crap that is a lot of rain water in our ugly, previously empty fountain, happy boy in the car seat because we left the house. He may or may not been laughing at my singing as I hit radio gold with Bust a Move followed by Tainted Love followed by Tide is High.


Played in the backyard and went for a drive, these pics seem quintessentially californian.


Lamby + blocks + bedhead = awesome!


Spencer had a fabulous lap nap and then at dinner he proved yet again that the white trash gene runs deep. Everything tastes better topless and it is super fun to put mashed potatoes in your belly button.


We finally left the house and went to a school playground. Spencer loved the slide and I love the little garden they put in to fill the spaces in the wheelchair ramp, although I am not sure why there’s a bench in a garden that is completely fenced in.


Spencer picked up the very important olives on your fingers skill set. I had a coffee date with myself and tried to read a book, but I have forgotten how to read in public. Daffodils are still going strong, I am pretty pleased that the rain didn’t smash them all.

That’s our week! Pretty exciting for a bunch of housebound sickies. If you want to link up, head up to Amy’s to grab the code for your own blog or just link up on any of the posts.

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3 Responses to “Week (17) in Phone Photos”

  1. Suzanne says:

    It’s a vestigial bench. You know, like nipples on men. No real purpose.

    I spy a coffee coozie that makes me super happy.


    Amy Reply:

    Again, the little hipster coffee girls when bananas for the coozie. I think it is because of the knee sock like stripe.


  2. TMae says:

    I love collage #2 with the quintessentially California pictures. I love the landscape of CA. VA doesn’t even come close.


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