Beachy Fun

Spencer and I had our first bloggy playdate this week with Natalie from Little Things and her darling girls, Olivia and Sophia. We hit a beach between our houses and had a picnic lunch and some fun in the sun. A good time was had by all, but I think the girls may have gotten a bit tired of Spencer’s incessant pushing, but at least every once in awhile he tempered it with a hug. This also marked Spencer’s first playing trip to the beach and first time in the ocean.

What's all this? And why is the water moving?

Still not too sure.

The toes, they curl in fear.

Enough of that crap, she needs a hug. I'll get a running start.

New buddies.

This one is so worth clicking to enlarge. Little sandy friends.

Checking out the ladies at the water's edge.

So see that last picture? That is the only picture I took of Natalie. What kind of blogger am I? Not a very good photojournaly one, that’s for sure. Luckily, I am sure we will be doing this again very soon. See more pictures over at Natalie’s blog; we are such dorks we even posted the recaps on the same day.

Someone got all tuckered out.


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7 Responses to “Beachy Fun”

  1. […] happen”, so, here are some fun pictures. Please head over to Amy’s blog to see her post about our day (she has pictures […]

  2. Natalie says:

    Awww, I love them all (even my big butt in a photo made me happy. Proof I was there!). They’re so squishy (the kids, not my butt–although…)

    We had a fantastic time and I’m just happy knowing we are going to do it again soon.

    *Mwah* I love you (and Spencer too!)


    Amy Reply: Can’t wait until we do it again.


  3. TMae says:

    It looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!


    Amy Reply:

    It really was. I wish all my internet friends could come to the beach.


    Natalie Reply:

    I second this wish.


  4. Suzanne says:

    I am insanely jealous. Also HOW is it possible Spencer hadn’t been to a beach before??? YOU LIVE IN CALIFORNIA. AND NOT THE COLD PART.

    Although that’s a little pot-calling-the-kettle because we live 15 miles from the coast and almost never go to the beach either.


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