Holidays Are All About Breakfast

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My husband and I come from a very different backgrounds as far as holidays go. His family is all about the big family meal and togetherness and mine was more about the trappings: easter baskets, santa pictures and holiday flags all came out in full force at my parents house. Trying to merge these pasts and create new and updated traditions for our new little family, has been interesting, but luckily we have common ground in bacon.

We still go to lots of holiday meals at my in-laws, but I always try and have a special time at home for each holiday. This Easter, we’ll be giving Spencer an Easter basket, but instead of doing an egg hunt, I thought we’d hide the basket somewhere he’ll come across it and be surprised. I think he’s a little young for an egg hunt, at least a solo one. Am I wrong? Are egg hunts popular with the under 2 set?

Child and his first easter basket

Spencer vs his Easter basket 2010

My mom’s traditional Easter cinnamon rolls would have rivaled the Pioneer Woman’s for sure, but just cinnamon rolls and juice always seemed a little sparse for an egg based holiday.  We’ve upgraded our holiday breakfast to something heartier for sure: cheese and egg scramble (smoked gouda this year, I think), bacon, pancakes and syrup; juice for the little one and coffee for the bigger ones. Maybe mimosas.

I think the biggest change we have made to a holiday has to be truncating Christmas down to just the Eve and the morning. When Spencer gets a little older and hopefully has a sibling, I hope to start a stocking opening/brunch sort of thing. Maybe a waffle bar with all the fixings and this awesomely Midwestern egg and sausage casserole my mom would make on rare occasions. And then, come noon o’clock we switch right over to my husband’s birthday.

Breakfast is the focus on all these holidays because as long as we live in the same town as the in-laws, they’ll host dinner. Which, really, is fine by me because they are fantastic cooks and it is always a good time. I’ll just focus on building new traditions about the most important meal of the day. And pancakes. And Spencer’s favorite food: bacon. The boy has excellent taste.


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3 Responses to “Holidays Are All About Breakfast”

  1. OttosMom says:

    Thank YOU for making me hungry about two minutes after I finished lunch. I keep trying to tell Otto he’ll love bacon but the boy won’t budge, won’t try it! We have a similar holiday situation in that both of Otto’s grandparents have big, extravagant traditions built around all holidays and are willing to over-the-top spoil my child in process. Makes anything I plan on doing kinda pale in comparison so we always do our own little mini-versions of the holidays beforehand. Which is what I’m planning for Easter too. Hopefully plus pancakes! xo


  2. Natalie says:

    Ahh, Bacon. The one meat we don’t have to beg them to eat.
    I am interested in this cinnamon bun recipe you speak of. I make cinnamon buns & bacon for most of our holiday breakfasts, because it is so labor intensive and it’s a special threat.

    We have the same idea about holiday breakfasts, because we live in the same town as Bill’s paternal side of the family. It’s just a nice way to have our own little family holiday traditions.


  3. Alana says:

    Easter was always a big deal with our family. I have a ton of cousins so we had egg hunts every year! We never did a big breakfast though. Always a big lunch.
    I like the breakfast idea though! You had me at Mimosas!
    Oh and bacon!


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