Project 365 Days 113-118

I’m moving this post from Saturday to Friday, so this will be short a picture this week, but I think this will work better posting wise. I also got a new camera, so expect to see some experimental shots as I figure out how to use it. I finally made the leap to DSLR and got a Canon Rebel T3 for Mother’s Day/my birthday/every holiday for the rest of time… I didn’t get the camera until Thursday, so most of these are still from the point and shoot.

April 23rd – April 28th


Spencer loves his bucket and shovel, but then he never wants to leave the park. I swear he could scoop the same pile of sand for 2 hours.


Easter egg hunt! He had two and loved them both.


Spencer likes to twirl the broom and yell Hi-Ya! In related news, toddlers are insane.


Spencer helping Natalie’s Sophia cover her legs with sand, mostly with her consent.


Spencer loves running away. Far, far away. And through freshly groomed baseball diamonds.


Camera day! Somewhere my mom is cheering and my dad is rolling his eyes so very hard. When my sister and I cleaned out their house, we found shoe boxes full of random flower pictures.

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