Project 365 Days 99-105

April 9th – April 15th

This is my 2010 Project 365 – one photo per day for a year. My goal is to show no faces and try to focus on challenging composition. Also? Point and shoot, baby. No f-stops here.

Helping me out by taking his shoes off on the porch after we came back from the park. He hands them to me and says, “Sand out!” We’re still working on the please.

Trying out his new sand toys. (also this makes 100! first p365 goal – check!)

We worked on the herb garden and potted a few plants. He’s holding a dahlia while telling me where to put the cilantro. Spencer had definite opinions.

Obsessed with wheels; car wheels, wagon wheels, dirty trashcan wheels…


Accidentally discovered the best way to entertain a toddler, put him outside with a balloon on a breezy day.

The matilija poppy bloomed for the first time this year. So pretty!

Climb, stand, sit, whatever.

I just want to add that I am so pleased to have made it to 100. I tend to lose interest in things and I am happy to have stuck with this project through 100 days. I hope you guys are having as much fun looking at them as I am taking them! xoxoxo

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2 Responses to “Project 365 Days 99-105”

  1. Suzanne says:

    A whosawhatsit poppy? Do you really know the real names of plants? Right now I’m looking at the guys cleaning my yard and thinking “Gee I hope they don’t trample the, uh, little pokey ones. Or that leafy purple thing”.


    Amy Reply:

    I know the names of lots of plants; I’m a bit of a plant nerd. These are epic, I had to learn the name when we got the house. The flowers are easily 6-8 inches wide and it grows to 8 feet tall.


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