SITS Photo Challenge Day 2

I’m participating in the SITS Spring into Action Photo Challenge and the assignment for day 2 is pretty much to blog the photos we took yesterday, which I already did here. Also, there are some great photo editing tips in the daily post, so go check it out. To keep playing along, I took another set, which was the option for those of us who already blogged.

I snapped some pictures of Spencer in the swing, which is a little tricky with a point and shoot because the shutter speed is a little slow, I try to anticipate when he will be in the frame, but don’t always nail it. I though I would share two before and after editing shots and then the biggest dud. I believe in sharing and learning from mistakes. Also, it made me laugh. The photos in this post were edited with iPhoto.

Straight out of camera


I did a little cropping, mostly to take my shadow out of the corner. I’m very pleased that I captured the second swing and its shadow. I think it makes the picture a little more interesting. I sharpened it a tiny bit and upped the saturation to blue up the sky and green the grass. They got washed out by the sun being right behind us. (Taken about 9 am)

Straigh out of camera


I cropped 0ut the swing support and the edge of the tree, the smaller size left the angle of the fence looking crazy, so I straightened the picture. As a result, I lost some of the fun angle on the swing, but the picture made more sense.

Straight Out of Camera


Pretty subtle editing on this one: exposed it a little more, sharpened and adjusted the saturation up the tiniest of smidges. I liked the composition straight out of camera, so no cropping.

Now for the worst picture of the session:

Not good. Not good at all.

Blurry, poorly composed and Spencer blends in to the equipment, definitely one for the trash bin.
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8 Responses to “SITS Photo Challenge Day 2”

  1. Lynda says:

    Nice! I like how you posted your SOOCs and edits! I love the one of him on the swing!


  2. rachel says:

    I like your edits, especially how you applied the rule of thirds on the swing shot when you cropped!


  3. Kristin says:

    Gorgeous bright blue sky! Great shots!


    Amy Reply:

    thanks so much!


  4. Jennifer says:

    Loved the way you cropped the second photo. Give such a sense of dynamic motion!


    Amy Reply:

    Thanks. I tend to shoot wide and do a lot of cropping. I’m hoping to get better at composition.


  5. betsy says:

    you are doing a great job! I need to do this challenge! It is soooo hard getting a good pic of the kids!


  6. […] feel like I am exhausting everyone, myself included, with photos this week because of the SITS photo challenge (tomorrow is going to have a cute day in the life post) so I think I will keep this one […]

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