Starting the Herb Garden

Do you remember that post from months ago when I talked about gardening with a toddler? Well, I wrote it, made big plans in my head and in my usual Amy style, did nothing about them. Until now.

We stopped at the garden center the other day and Spencer liked it a lot less than I anticipated. I thought he’d love looking at all the plants and smelling the flowers and I think he might have had I let him run free, but I was alone and it was crowded and trapped in the cart he was. We made it out of there with a dahlia, cilantro and parsley with minimal cart rebellion.


Spencer ended up having a super late nap on Sunday, then went to the park so we didn’t end up planting anything until Monday afternoon. And I may or may not have forgotten about leaving them in full sun on a warm day until 5 pm. Needless to say, the cilantro seemed a little traumatized.

We dug holes and put the cilantro, parsley and basil in the ground. The cilantro and parsley came in those plant in the ground composting pots, never used those before. We’ll see how that goes. Next up, I put Spencer to work filling a pot we already had for the dahlia. It’s a little big, but I think this is one of those bushier dahlias and it should fill out a little wider. If not, well it will just look stupid.

Child in the garden with a trowel

And filling the pot? I made both of my critical errors of this gardening adventure. First, I only brought out one trowel. Once Spencer got a hold of it, there was no getting it back and I didn’t want to track dirt through the house to go get another one. The fact that I could just go through the side gate escaped me. I ended up using the now empty basil pot to scoop dirt.

planting an herb gardenSecond, I forgot about the single minded toddler brain and started him digging for dirt way too close to the cilantro plant. My intention was to scoop up the dirt from the holes we dug for the herbs and then scavenge dirt from different areas of the garden. (Again – too lazy to go to the garage for the bag of potting soil I am pretty sure is in there.) Spencer thought differently and would only dig next to the already damaged cilantro. I went back and back filled most of the holes and I am hoping that with a new cover of mulch (I could write and entire post about my mulch love) I hope it looks fab ad not attacked by prairie dogs.

Next up? Better planning and starting the vegetable garden.

If you are wondering about the mismatched photos in the post, the pictures themselves are not the greatest (hard to snap photos with dirty fingers and a trowel wielding toddler), but the assignment today is about html editing and images for blogging tips. Go read, it is awesome. Or, maybe you knew all this already. Whatever.)

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4 Responses to “Starting the Herb Garden”

  1. Alison says:

    Sounds like Spencer had fun! And good luck with the gardening. My dream is to live in a house with a huge garden, growing my own herbs and vegetables. Am far from that. So I look forward to living vicariously through you.

    New reader by the way! Stalking you now :-)


  2. OttosMom says:

    Critical errors or no I seriously love this idea. I have big in-my-head plans of gardening with the tot once we’re safely moved into someplace that gets rain. I totally feel like modern kids don’t get their hands dirty enough. Sissies! But not our boys. Nope. Our boys have filthy, cruddy manfeet and dirt under their nails! :)


  3. […] worked on the herb garden and potted a few plants. He’s holding a dahlia while telling me where to put the cilantro. […]

  4. TMae says:

    Yay gardening with toddlers! We have yet to plant edibles, but it’s on the list. Maybe sometime soon.


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