Week in Phone Photos: Number 20!

Number 20! Holy crap that is a lot of these posts. Let’s see what sort of mischief Spencer was up to this week.

I will not get out of this cart. I will NOT.

Don't mind me, just bashing some cilantro.

Contemplating the meaning of life. Or cheezy cracker hands.

I like olives on my fingers. I like them better in my belly.

Talking about man stuff.

I will get this corn burrito in my belleh by any means necessary.


Yay! That’s our week! Head over to Amy’s to get the code for your blog or just add your camera phone post from any of the posts below!


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4 Responses to “Week in Phone Photos: Number 20!”

  1. Suzanne says:

    Your plastic Target shopping carts are DIFFERENT from our plastic Target shopping cards. Why do I even notice these things?

    The man-things picture is adorable.


    Amy Reply:

    We just got those carts. They just finished remodeling this Target to be one of the (surprisingly expensive) fresh produce/meat Targets and then they got the new carts.


  2. He’s SO cute!! I love the expression he has when he’s comtemplating his hands :)


  3. TMae says:

    Toddlers and brooms…they should get hired to do construction demolition. They’d be BRILLIANT. O has a little broom but prefers the big broom and can do so much more damage with it, since it reaches farther. And try to give him his to play with instead? “No, no, no, no.” Huh. Okay, I guess if you want to sweep my pansies…


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