Week in Phone Pictures (18)


Doing some cleaning and found some old domino magazines. I miss it so…

Sad faces. Hubs left us for the week.


Spencer smashed his chin on the couch.

But getting his Brobee in the mail made up for it.


Walked to the mall and took this very stupid picture.

Spencer looks very cute sleeping with his new bff.


Super fun playdate at the park.

A different park is a great change of pace.

And makes the toddler pass out!

Put some cute shoes on.

Then we went out to half-priced sushi with a friend. Spencer loved the weird egg sushi.

Spencer is very lucky that I do not post naked photos on the internet. There may or may not have been some adorable naked push car riding.


Helping bring in the sun-dried diapers.



I am putting this child to work! It’s hot, had to water the plants.


Out to breakfast – someone is pretty pleased that his dad is home.

Yay! That’s our week! Head over to Amy’s to get the code for your blog or just add your camera phone post from any of the posts below!


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8 Responses to “Week in Phone Pictures (18)”

  1. Joni says:

    that last photo is so cute! he definitely looks happy that dad is home!


  2. that brobee is so cool! it’s like, as big as he is! and i love the shot of you putting spencer to work watering plants. too cute.


  3. OttosMom says:

    A week as a single mom and no self-pics of you in tears? You win! I played single mom for 3 days this weekend with Otto-the-Sick and wanted to bury my head in the backyard (while drinking).


    Amy Reply:

    We had the benefit of everyone being sick the week before. If I had been alone with a sick Spencer, I would have been drinking gin by the bucket.


  4. Suzanne says:

    In the crib with the giant Brobee is hilarious. And good job putting that kid to work – all toddlers need jobs! Too bad they don’t do anything that brings in a paycheck.


    Amy Reply:

    I didn’t have my phone the night he was attacked in his sleep by giant brobee. I went in and Spencer was buried under a fuzzy green blob.


  5. Brigid Keely says:

    It’s about time you started working that kid! Toddlers are SUCH free loaders. My father in law routinely hands Niko a hammer on visits over there, sets him right to work. It was slow going, but they built a deck (terraza) over the garage. I’ll post photos when it warms up and we have a barbecue over there.


  6. Emily says:

    YEah, Giant Brobee is rad. Hudson has kind of stopped loving Yo Gabba as much which sucks because now I have things like Giant Woody (ha!) and basically anything Toy Story related. Also? Any time you post pics of your bright patio furniture I get like ridiculously jealous. AND! Spencer just gets cuter & cuter… AND AND AND! Our park has that same seahorse. Twins! Yay!


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