Wordless Wednesday: Sit Down by the Fire

Child in Firehat

Do you have a wordless wednesday post? I’d love to see!

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27 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Sit Down by the Fire”

  1. Adorable! My son would just be tickled to pieces to see his hat! He loves watching Fireman Sam. Thanks for the linky!


  2. Nichole says:

    Those eyes!


  3. Spencer sure does make a super cute fireman! One question though…did he snap that elastic on the side of his face? I’m cringing just looking at him pulling on that elastic band in the photo. I guess it’s just the mom in me. lol


  4. aimee says:

    Super cute! Linking up. Hope you could come by and link up on mine too. Thanks!


  5. kewkew says:

    So sweet. Was he trying to get the hat off?
    If you have a chance I would love if you could visit Tots and Me.


  6. Oh my word that photo is wonderful! I love the colors and his pretty brown eyes!

    happy wed my friend!


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  8. Natalie says:

    I love this picture so much.

    That is all.


  9. Such a cutie, love the hoodie. I think it matches his eyes just about perfectly. Absolutely adorable. : )


  10. bethere2day says:

    So cute i love the hat lol

    Happy WW!


  11. Cute little fireman. :-) Happy Wednesday.


  12. Aleks says:

    What a cutie pie! Great shot you took. Happy Wednesday!


  13. Oh my gosh, SOOOOOO cute!!

    I can’t help but cringe though, thinking that he’s seconds away from snapping that strap against his face! Eek!


  14. Veronica says:

    This is great. I am pretty sure Spencer will be the cute Old Spice guy when he grows up.


  15. Lolo says:

    What a cute fireman!


  16. Tayarra says:

    What a great shot! “When life gives you lemons, suck it!” I love that! I don’t think I’ve noticed it before!


  17. He is simply gorgeous! Beware to all the lil girls when he gets older – Heartbreaker in the making w/ those sweet/innocent eyes!!!


  18. Adorable shot. Such innocence. Hope he never loses it. :-)


  19. Lisa says:

    Your little boy is too cute! Why do boys get lucky and have the best eyelashes? My son had such think curly lanes before the chemo made them fall out :(


  20. He’s so adorable! I just look at that hand with the stretched elastic and cringe…he looks like he’s about to let go and snap himself!


  21. Meryl says:

    Love that hat! He’s really cute.


  22. […] At the end of April, we headed up the coast to Morro Bay to an emergency vehicle car show. We went last year and the event is super fun. There are a ton of fire trucks and police cars and kids can climb on […]

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