A Simpler Mother’s Day

I took an online poll the other day (oh! how I love them) and it was asking what you really wanted for mother’s day. The options were cash, gift card, a card, pampering, or an hour alone. Guess which was the most popular answer by a whopping 80%? An hour alone.

And that got me thinking.

I noticed a lot of grumbling around the interwebs on Saturday about rushing around finishing things for mother’s day. Or people talking about how their mother’s day are tarnished by celebrating other mother’s. Or too many mother’s. Or should it be celebrated at all. Or people worried that their expectations were to high. It puts a lot of pressure on everyone.

And that got me thinking.

Part of me feels like the holiday itself is a construct originated to sell cards during a holiday lull and then built up by our consumerist society to be yet another holiday requiring birthday level gifts, as opposed to a card and some flowers. People are getting handbags and diamonds and probably out there somewhere, someone is getting a new car. Which just seems crazy to me.

And that got me thinking.

What would my perfect mother’s day present be?

1. Mimosas in an empty beachfront bar with my sister on a sunny morning, telling stories about our mom and in general having a blast.

2. Breakfast with my family at Fist of Fury in Bloomington, Indiana, a cafe my (then soon-to-be) husband and I visited every morning when we were there looking for an apartment when I was still going to go to grad school. A seriously good breakfast. A veggie omelet so good you would punch your own mom on mother’s day just to get one. (Note: it is not called Fist of Fury, but there is a fist in the logo and we have called it that for 7 years and I no longer remember what the actual name is.)

3. A day free of changing diapers.

4. An afternoon in an empty coffee shop, curled up with a book and a full-fat vanilla latte and no one else in the place.

5. To become an internet sensation. Kidding. Mostly.

You know what all of those things have in common? None of them are stuff. None are cash or gift cards or even greeting cards. I think until Spencer is old enough to bring me his first mother’s day craft, heavy with glitter and macaroni, we can just skip it. A simple Thank You or You are Awesome will do.


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7 Responses to “A Simpler Mother’s Day”

  1. TMae says:

    Your Mother’s Day wishes sound DIVINE. Especially #1. Mmmm….mimosas.


    Amy Reply:

    One day we will mimosa together. Mark my words. Also, I’ve decided that all alcoholic beverages will now also be verbs.


  2. Natalie says:

    At first, I got jealous b/c I kept hearing how people were getting these fancy gifts for Mother’s Day and I knew that I wasn’t (unless you count the fact I bought myself a camera bag). But THEN, I realized that I was being stupid, and the handmade cards the girls brought me and the BEAUTIFUL silverware wind chime Olivia made me in preschool had me in tears and I realized that there was nothing anyone could buy that would top the fact that right now? Bill is letting me sit here in bed doing nothing while he entertains the girls.

    I have everything I’ll ever need.

    Happy Mother’s Day, my dear friend :)


  3. Kimberly says:

    I’ll take a #1 and little bit of #4.
    When Hubby asked what I wanted to do for breakfast today (since he went to work after that), I said I wanted him to take the boys out and leave me reading in bed. It was awesome! And he brought me home french toast :)


    Amy Reply:

    That sounds awesome!


  4. This? Awesome. With a capital A. I love my new necklace (I love flamingos), but even more I love that my husband and I spent the day taking Levi on his first trip to the zoo.


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