Boo Monster

We’ve created a monster – a boo monster. The hubs has called Spencer “Boo” since he was just a tiny tot. In fact, he responded and said Boo long before he bothered to answer to Spencer. Slowly, we started referring to his things as boo-things. Shoes are boo shoes; beverages are boo juice and so on. It started out cute, but has seriously gotten out of control.

Tonight at dinner, he wouldn’t take a bit of his hamburger until I called it a boo burger. He cons us into giving him sips of iced tea by asking for boo tea in his cutest voice. I suppose I only have myself to blame. We used it initially to differentiate his stuff from ours and then later to try and get him to eat a special boo something. I am getting sick of boo everything all the time.

It makes it so that people besides his parents have no idea what he is talking about because everything is prefixed by boo. Here a boo, there a boo, everywhere a boo boo. Annoying.

Sleeping in his Boo Seat

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