Eating Out with a Toddler

I feel like I can write the near definitive post on this topic based on our breakfast out this morning. Basically, just do the opposite. We went out for breakfast to celebrate a friend’s birthday and we did it all wrong. Seriously. All wrong. So, here is what you should do:

  1. Expect a wait.
  2. Bring snacks.
  3. Bring something to do.
  4. Bring a sweatshirt if it is cool. (The toddler might need to run up and down the sidewalk. Or start screaming and need to go outside. Not that my toddler would ever start screaming. Nope. Not mine.)
  5. Bring snacks.
  6. Order immediately. (It doesn’t matter if you have no idea what you want to eat. Pick the first thing you see and move on.)
  7. Pray the food comes quickly. In case of emergency, let your toddler drink half&half cups. It’s milk, right?
  8. Do not give the toddler hot sauce to “see if he likes it.”
  9. Do not let the toddler drink the flavored creamers. Those are very, very sticky.
  10. Do not try and use a utensil for the toddlers first few bites. Hands are fine. He will try and stab you in the eye with a fork. Or maybe that is just me.
  11. Tip well.  (Don’t worry, we did this one.)

Happy eating! Hope you do better than we did!


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4 Responses to “Eating Out with a Toddler”

  1. Lara says:

    LOL! Until my twins turned 3.5 yrs old, whenever my husband announced that we were going out to eat, he may as well have been announcing the embarkation of the Voyage Of Doom!

    We’d spontaneously sprout extra pairs of arms to deal with Halle and Zanna as they’d try climbing onto the table to get at the dangling light fixtures, rescue the various condiments, grab at them before they could ‘go over the wall’ and into the next booth over, poke larger holes in any upholstery, stop them from stripping nekkid, and somehow suppress the ear-splitting shrieks they’d make as they tested the acoustics of the restaurant.

    And that would all be before we could even get in an order!

    There are two things we’ve learned since:
    1) Do whatever it takes to get the waitperson to put in and bring out the kids’ order ASAP.

    2) No ice! Not for anyone! That is a fiasco of epic proportions all by itself! The girls fish it out, fling it, chew it, splash the water in the cups – it ain’t pretty, just say ‘no’! And if anyone else at the table has ice, the girls will stop at nothing to get at it. The Terminator was a weak fuzzy kitty compared with my girls!

    Lately they’ve gotten better at eating out, but the above are non-negotiable :)

    Have a great week!


  2. Holly says:

    I recently went out to eat with Ivy, a friend and his daughter. While looking at the menu I asked Ivy if she wanted to share little cheeseburgers with me and she proceeded to go on for 15 minutes yelling “Mommy – CHEESE!!” It was pretty funny but yeah, snacks would have been helpful!!


  3. Kimberly says:

    Awesome list. And don’t forget to get dressert wrapped and ask for the check as soon as they bring the entree!


  4. Grams says:

    I vividly remember those days with my kids, and they’re now in their 30s. Now I experience them with my grandkids. My daughter is much better prepared than I was. Plus, it’s a lot more fun to watch than it was to participate.

    Thanks for visiting on my SITS day. Come back any time. You’re always welcome at my place.


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