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I first got email when I went to college. Thus was the dark ages of the Internet so almost no one had email but college students and people with some of the paid services. As free email became more common, I lobbied my parents hard to get accounts so we could keep in contact. My dad insisted on letters. ¬†Actually, he used to mail newspaper clippings with a sticky note stuck to it with a message that said “this counts a letter.”

And most of the time the articles were stupid things about Marion Jones. I was on the track team in high school and our team always had one major loss each season – to her school. I felt mildly amused and not at all surprised when she became mired in scandal. She was not a nice girl in high school, But I digress, back to email.

In the 90s, email was hot, but pink shorts were not.

Once my parents got email, I immediately regretted it. Of course. My dad would forward ridiculous and often very unfunny jokes that were passed around the work place and dumb chain letters. It was easy enough to not open the spammy emails, but the onslaught was relentless.

Over the years, I changed my email address as often as I changed my hair color, which is to say quite a bit. I always kept the one my dad and the rest of my family used the same. It was just easier that way. Until I was getting married, then I set up a new Yahoo! email with my new name and let all of my friends and family know. Even before the big day. My dad sent me exactly one email to that address. He died two weeks after my wedding that he was too sick to attend.

Whenever I get really sad or just miss my dad, I can go back to my archived email and read the email he sent to that account. Something I have done many times. Is it a note wishing me well or full of wisdom? No. It is forward of vaguely inappropriate limericks. Perfect. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

I seriously love this video. It makes me think of my dad and brings back all sorts of happy memories.

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3 Responses to “Email That Lasts”

  1. My parents are just now getting into email and facebook. I HATE those spammy jokes and chain letters.


  2. Suzanne says:

    Aw, that’s exactly how my grandma used email in the 90’s. And now I’m on my mother-in-law’s spam list. Lucky me!


  3. Tina says:

    Aww, sweet way to remember your dad.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier this week!


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