Please Help.

I was finishing up a post on how my toddler wont let me use my iPad and Suzanne’s post today popped up in my reader. Talk about getting smacked in the face with the being the epitome of a navel gazing blogger dwelling on first world problems. Her sister is in the Peace Corps in Burkina Faso and they need to fix their ambulance. That is an actual problem. Go read Suzanne’s post. Donate if you can. I am. While it drives me bonkers when people say “Just skip your starbucks for a week,” it is true that every little bit helps.

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2 Responses to “Please Help.”

  1. I def. agree, it’s easy to get sucked into whining about our “problems” when there’s some real stuff going down out there. But we’re also pretty insulated, as a society, and I think that adds to the ease. Don’t beat yourself up, you’re not a navel-gazing blogger most of the time ;)


  2. Suzanne says:

    Thank you so much Amy! I am just as guilty of obsessing over my first-world problems, until something like that hits me in the face.


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