Poor Little Guy

As I write this, I am up at what feels like the crack of dawn after a night of almost no sleep, sitting next to a poor, miserable little Spencer. He threw up for the first time last night, his first real non-spit up puke. And it was bright pink from the fruit snacks he ate after dinner and all over me. Someone should make motherhood badges, last light I earned the Puked On badge, I better go so it on my vest.

We have no idea what is wrong, probably justĀ  a bug. He had no symptoms before the pukefest. We got him changed into new jammies, I changed, we cleaned the bed and he promptly threw up again. But then he went to sleep. He woke up early this morning with a fever, then had some water and puked again. He’s back asleep now, but still feels blazing hot. Poor little guy.

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4 Responses to “Poor Little Guy”

  1. TMae says:

    Poor kid. I hope he’s feeling better.


    Amy Reply:

    It seemed to have passed pretty quickly. The fever broke (fingers crossed) during an epic late afternoon nap on my shoulder, he refused to be put down. For 3 hours…


  2. Cole says:

    Oh, yuck – I caught my first stomach bug from Daddy a few weeks ago – no fun at all… I hope Spencer feels better soon!


    Amy Reply:

    Thanks! Sorry you were sick, you’re right. Not fun at all.


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