Project 365 Days 127-132

Welcome to my project365 weekly wrap up post. To keep things interesting, I have a no faces rule for these pictures. Also, I have a brand-spanking new DSLR and no idea how to use it.  And for the first time ever, the blog is ahead of the tumblr because every single time I’ve tried to upload a picture in the last few days, tumblr has STILL been down. Annoying. I might have to break up with tumblr.

May 7th – May 12th

















Confession: Hubs took #132, but how could I not use it. It is like the ultimate in true no faces. And hubs got hit in the face with the football right after this was taken.

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7 Responses to “Project 365 Days 127-132”

  1. Natalie says:

    Gah! Love the football in the face. Brilliantly nofaces! “Ahh, my nose!”

    But I think I love 129 the most. The composition is awesome.


    Amy Reply:

    Number 129 is pretty much SOOC. So, woot! And my caption was unclear, but S was doing the throwing and hubs was doing the getting smacked in the face…


  2. TMae says:

    Yep – 129 is AMAZING. Love it.


    Amy Reply:

    Thanks! I think I might get it printed to canvas the next time one of those big coupons comes out.


  3. Lara says:

    Got the vote in for your Top 25 and Picket Fence! Good Luck! You deserve it! Great pics! Your garden looks great! Love the pic of your child climbing all the stairs, very cute.


  4. 2bkate says:

    129 is so frame worthy I love it!


    Amy Reply:

    Thanks so much! I love that shot!


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