Recipe for a Better Day

I’ve been having a crappy few days. My twitter friends have probably found my crankiness unavoidable, but hopefully, not contagious. There was Mother’s Day, which had me bummed, and then in a few days my dad’s birthday starts looming over my head. And I woke up on mother’s day a little bit pouty. It may have been the scant 5 hours of sleep or it may just have been my mood.

Then my husband seriously gave me the best present a harried mom could ask for, he took the toddler to the park for an hour and a half and I scrubbed the living shit out of my kitchen. Music blares, I had my sexy rubber gloves on and I went to town. I was feeling better in just 10 minutes. I had an almost immediate sense of accomplishment as I knocked out small, but vital kitchen tasks as I boogied my butt off. I was sweating buckets, people.

The best part may just have been the loud music. I simply forgot how much fun it is to clean and sing and dance. I’m always furiously scrubbing away while Spencer is sleeping, hoping desperately he stays asleep until I finish. So, if you get a chance to scrub-your-dub and rock out, I made a little suggested playlist. This could also double as a workout mix. You may not love all of my picks, but I hope you find something to brighten your day.

Dog Days Are Over – Florence + The MachineMass Romantic – New Pornographers
Totally – Screeching Weasel
End of the world as we know it – REM
Money in the Afterlife _ Saturday Looks Good To MeRollercoaster – Sleater-Kinney
Classics of Love – Common Rider
Where Did You Go – Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Journey to the End of The Bay – Rancid
Copacabana – Barry Manilow
Sound of Science – Beastie Boys
Call Me – Blondie
Stickshifts and Safety Belts – Cake
Miss World – Hole


I know I suck for not embedding links, but I didn’t want to do clips of videos, so google them. xoxoxo



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  1. TMae says:

    So funny that you have Where Did You Go on this list – I’ve been hooked on the Clueless Soundtrack for the last few weeks. Haven’t heard the song in YEARS, and BAM. I’m reminded how catchy it is, AND you’re listening to it too.


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