Weight Lost Update: First Goal Reached

So, you know how I promised I wouldn’t blog about my weight loss journey. I LIED. But that should surprise no one. So, my first goal was to lose 10 pounds. It seemed like an achievable number that would both cement my commitment to the project and prove to myself that I could do it. What I didn’t expect was that I would do it in 2 weeks. Yay! Although, I think that says more about my crappy eating habits and general lack of exercise than anything else.

So, I tweeted about this and a bunch of people asked me what I did. Pretty much I did what I set out to do – eat less and move more. I cut out drinking to once a week or so. I cut out candy completely. I stopped eating dessert unless I happened to have a particularly low calorie day and then I switched to sorbet from ice cream. I stopped drinking (diet) soda and upped my water intake dramatically.

I’m using Spark People to track everything. It was suggested to me by Natalie when I talked about how I was considering Weight Watchers. I think the programs are probably pretty similar with one notable difference: Spark People is free. I use it to track food consumption, servings of fruits and vegetables, water and exercise. There is a whole community that I am just barely exploring. It does conflict a bit with my loner hermit mystique.

Oh, and there are points. You earn points for signing in, drinking water, tracking food and exercise. I can be stupidly obsessive about earning points, so that is one way that Spark People really works in my favor. The points don’t even do anything except change your level and picture on your home page and yet I fixate. For those who are interested, there is the website and free driod/iphone/ipad apps. I’ll post more on those later as I get more familiar.

I’ve learned that I eat a lot (A LOT) of carbs and that replacing bready carbs with fruit/veggie carbs for snacks is helping me lower my overall caloric intake, increase the number of fruit and veggies I eat and I feel full longer. I can still eat cheese and butter, but I do measure and then try and cut the amount I want to eat in half. And what I found is that worked ok. I had corn on the cob and a half tablespoon of butter was fine, a half a teaspoon of parmesan was enough on top of my pasta. I may feel hungry, but I don’t feel deprived. In short, I am trying to make better choices.

And along with better choices, I am trying to stay realistic. We have a vacation coming up in June that involves nearly 4000 miles on the road. There will be hotel breakfasts luring me with sausage, less opportunity for exercise and a lot of restaurant food. I will do my best. I also understand that even if the best of situations, I will not keep losing at this rate. My realistic goal is 25 pounds by BlogHer in August and 75 pounds by January 2012. I may have super-secret unrealistic goals, but that is between me and the lamp post.

I feel like I should post some sort of before picture, so here goes:

I bought this shirt on our Colorado trip last year and I’ve never worn it. In fact, this is even the first time I’ve tried it on because I knew there was no way it would fit. It is a girlie fit XL, the biggest size they have. I want this shirt to fit. Or even better, be too big. Why not just buy a men’s shirt? They fit horribly and look even worse unless I go down in size small enough to make it snug and then it becomes an ass-cupper. No good. I’ll be taking random and sporadic progress pictures in this shirt.  Also, next time I think I will clean the mirror first. Also, also – YIKES. No wonder that chick at the park asked me if I was pregnant.


This post is not sponsored or endorsed in anyway by Spark People. It is free. Although, if you sign-up for the website using the button below, I get points. And I need points like zombies need braaaainns. And if you just want to enter my user name, it is AmyLemon.
SparkPeople.com: Get a 100% FREE Online Diet

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14 Responses to “Weight Lost Update: First Goal Reached”

  1. Natalie says:

    I’m so so so proud of you! I don’t know if you care for my proudness, but I am anyway :)

    My super awesome stomach flu diet has rendered me 5 lbs lighter. WOOHOO!

    Spark People is awesome. I love it.


    Amy Reply:

    Thank you for telling me about this. I would much rather lose weight my way than your way. Feel better. xoxoxo


  2. Yay! That is really awesome. I used to do sparkpeople, and probably will again once I get somewhere in the realm of normalcy. I’m weirdly obsessive about the points too. I think that’s why we are friends.

    Good job.


    Amy Reply:

    Thank you! And it is because the points are awesome.


  3. TMae says:

    GOOD FOR YOU!!! I’m currently flipping out about a wedding in August. There will be LOTS of pretty people there, and I’m actually thinking about NOT going just for that reason. (Did I mention it’s my cousin’s wedding? Ugh.)

    I have gotten exactly NOWHERE with my goal for 2011. I was just thinking about that this morning… feck. I’m a carb nut too (did you know that eating carbs raises the body’s serotonin levels, so they’re like a mild-organic anti-depresseant? Comfort food, anyone?), and yesterday I had a bunch of fruit and noticed that after dinner, I didn’t even WANT dessert. But because I was bored, I had some anyway. BAD BAD BAD.

    I’m stupid excited for you. AND might check out Spark People.


    Amy Reply:

    I thought about making I heart Carbs tshirts. Thanks for your support!!!


  4. abbie says:

    Facebook fan just stopping by to cheer you on! You go brave mamma!!!!!
    Weight lose journies are no fun but I think it is great you are sharing it on your blog. You can certainly find support and inspiration from other moms going through the same thing.
    Good luck!


    Amy Reply:

    Thanks so much for stopping by and your support!


  5. trininista says:

    Congrats on the weight loss and keep it going. I may need you to motivate me! :)


    Amy Reply:

    Thanks so much.


  6. Suzanne says:

    10 lbs in 2 weeks is AMAZING. It takes me a month to lose 2 or 3 and even then it comes back in a snap after a few french fries. I need to buckle down and MAKE the effort to eat healthier long term, especially because I already work out on a regular basis and there is no reason I should let chocolate come between me and happiness.

    Honestly, I think you already look pretty good. I can hardly imagine you have 75 lbs to lose or that that shirt is an XL. You’re very proportionate, and that’s supposed to be a compliment.


    Amy Reply:

    Thank you. I am really trying to make this a lifestyle change and not a diet. I don’t want to lose 30 pounds, then go off the diet, gain 10 back and do it again and again.


  7. Leighann says:

    Omg. You’re hilarious with your obsession with points.
    I’m on weight watchers and I totally get how points can take over.
    I’ve lost 26 lbs


  8. Smithk284 says:

    Very nice! begadeaeac


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