200-300 Calorie Breakfast Combinations

I struggled with what to call this post, I went through low-calorie then diet ideas and then gave up and went with the obvious. I am neither a nutritionist or expert dieter. These are the breakfasts I have been eating and they work well. The calories are based on the Spark People calculator. Obviously, eat a balanced diet and these are just ideas for one meal.

Breakfast Salad

So. this isn’t really a salad, but it kind of is. I don’t know what else to call it – cereal with yogurt and berries seems so obvious and dull. But, it is what it is. Calorie content will vary based on cereal, fruit or yogurt used. Check the label before you just sub in granola- that stuff is sneaky. I prefer 0% greek yogurt, it is thicker and tastier. Vanilla is sweeter and higher in calories, I find plain is normally enough for me, but like Vanilla every once in awhile to mix things up. Just look for 0% that is thickened with cornstarch.

1 cup multi-grain cheerios + .5 cup Trader Joe’s 0% Vanilla Greek Yogurt + .5 cup blueberries = 251 Calories
1 cup multi-grain cheerios + .5 cup Trader Joe’s 0% Plain Greek Yogurt + .5 cup blueberries = 211 Calories
1 cup regular cheerios + .5 cup Trader Joe’s 0% Vanilla Greek Yogurt + .5 cup blueberries = 241 Calories
1 cup regular cheerios + .5 cup Trader Joe’s 0% Plain Greek Yogurt + .5 cup blueberries = 201 Calories

Strawberries and raspberries have fewer calories than blueberries, so if you sub those in the totals will be lower.

Goat Cheese Eggs

I like to think of this as a fancy breakfast. I used to cook eggs and bacon at least once on this weekend and I must admit, I cut back significantly on the bacon to lose the weight. But, there is no reason to cut them out completely. Here is a great scramble. The goat cheese makes it super rich and creamy. I use a non-stick pan and cook the eggs without any added fat.

Goat cheese eggs:

  • Scramble 2 eggs
  • When almost cooked, add one basil leaf chopped and 1 teaspoon soft goat cheese, broken up
  • Heat through and serve immediately

Calories: 155

Full breakfast: goat cheese eggs + toast with (1/3 pat) butter + .5 cup strawberries: 285

Hummus and Eggs

This is super easy and comes together in minutes if the eggs are already hard-boiled. I like to boil eggs up at the beginiing of the week so they are around for salads, sandwiches and snacks. Just toast a piece of bread, spread with hummus and top with a sliced hard boiled egg. I am not a fan of the yolks, so sometimes I use 2 whites and give the yolks to Spencer. I’ve listed both ways. I like to always have some fruit at breakfast so I added in the apple (81 calories)

Whole wheat toast + 1 tablespoon hummus + one hard boiled egg + 1 medium apple = 261 Calories
Whole wheat toast  + 1 tablespoon hummus + two egg whites + 1 medium apple = 225

Fruit and Cheese Plate

I love this breakfast and it is so easy to share with the toddler. I just give him some bread or a muffin with it and we both have a pretty good breakfast. Use any combination, but keep an eye on the amount of cheese. It is super easy for me to get carried away so I always weigh it if I am using a cheese that isn’t pre-portioned.

15 seedless grapes +.5 medium apple + .5 cup cantaloupe + 10 strawberries +1 string cheese = 215 calories
.5 medium apple + .5 medium pear + 1 ounce swiss cheese = 196 calories

Enjoy! Add your ideas in the comments!





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3 Responses to “200-300 Calorie Breakfast Combinations”

  1. Suzanne says:

    I JUST finished hard boiling a bunch of eggs, since they’re pretty much the only thing that fills me up when I’m trying not to snack. And I’m extremely happy to learn I can have 2 scrambled eggs PLUS cheese PLUS toast and stay under 300 calories. That is my new go-to breakfast.


  2. Ginger says:

    Oooh, those goat cheese eggs look yummy!

    My go to is an “at home” Egg McMuffin. English muffin, one egg (either scrambled or “fried” w/cooking spray) and one piece of canadian bacon is just under 250 calories. (clearly, I like my protein).


  3. Blond Duck says:

    Popped in from SITS! Those are great tips!


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