June in Review

Trying out a new monthly recap post, that I am sure I stole from someone. Nothing is ever really new on the internet, so let’s just call it new to me. I thought I might highlight things I liked on the internet this month, as well as my most popular post, any news, favorite books (mine and Spencer’s) and maybe a favorite picture. The topics will change monthly. Super fun! And what better month to try it out than Birthday Month. Woot!

My most popular posts (per Google Analytics):
Goat Cheese and Chocolate Strawberries
Semantics of Motherhood (The interesting thing about this post is the comment per page view percentage is 0.01%)

My favorite post (of my own):
Thoughts on Turning 40 (and the strawberries, of course)

Blogging Tips:
How to Write an About Me Page (via SITS)
Seven Trends in Blogger Business Cards (via momcomm)
Photography Tips/Challenges:
I’m loving the photo challenge that Kristi and Alicia are hosting. It is continuing in July, so go check it out. (via live and love… out loud)

Great Posts:
License Plate, Catchy Song, Failed Slogan, Nevertheless I Appear in Photographs. I am still thinking about her comments about mostly thin bloggers posting full length photographs of themselves on their blogs. (via Swistle)
My Son is a Sponge I obsess about gender issues and raising Spencer all the time, so I really related to this post by TMae. (via LifeVersion2.0)

Are you on pinterest? You should be. Go forth and pin. Let me know if you need an invite. (The link is to my crafts I am never going to make but admire board.)

Uli Westphal: Fruit Au Naturale (via (a)Musing Foodie)
Lemon Crunch Pie (via Bebehblog)
Pop Stars Amazing user submitted photos of Cake Pops. The Yo Gabba Gabba ones are a must see (Via Bakerella)


a preview of the meringue army



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2 Responses to “June in Review”

  1. TMae says:

    I’ve had your Semantics of Motherhood post open since you posted it. I’ve been trying to formulate a response. Apparently I think my response must be Pulitzer worthy…

    Happy day, to you!


  2. I read this on my phone the other day but am just now getting around to commenting. Thanks so much for including my blog in your list! I love how you laid this all out– great idea for sharing lots of links!


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