I’d like to Spoil my readers!

Ok. So, lamest post title ever, but last week I went to a book signing at Chaucer’s and I brought back something extra for you guys! Woo!

That photo is a little misleading because I am only giving away one, but it’s SIGNED by the lovely Heather and Jessica (aka the Fug Girls of Go Fug Yourself). I’ve already finished it and let me tell you, if you like teen fiction or soapy TV shows on the CW, you will love this book.

Look! It's my elbow! (photo from their fb page)

I could go all fangirl and talk about how I’ve been reading the Fug Girls since before they were the Fug Girls, but I would like to maintain the teeniest shred of dignity. And my guess is that no one cares. You just want the book.

Keeping it short and simple: one comment per entry, one entry per person. Describe your biggest fashion disaster, anything goes. Entries close Friday 6/24 at midnight pacific time.

Have fun and tell your friends!


I purchased the copy of Spoiled for this giveaway myself and asked them to sign it just for you. I used the picture from their facebook page because the ones I took with my phone were AWFUL. And since I am paying for shipping myself, this is only open to people with an address in the United States.

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20 Responses to “I’d like to Spoil my readers!”

  1. wendy says:

    My fashion faux pas’s always seem to be about coverage. I’ve gotten used to being aware of my “ladies” and thinking about how to keep them modest (not that I always succeed, but at least I know when I fail), but I am not always aware of my hem line. Five minutes into an activity I’ll realize that I’m showing more thigh (or ass, on bad days) than I’m comfortable with. Live and learn and buy leggings is my motto.


  2. rachel says:

    crop tops that aren’t meant to be crop tops are my pet peeve. I have a longish torso and am on the lookout for LONGer t-shirts or camis or whatever to keep my muffin top covered.


  3. Mary says:

    Mom jeans WELL past their expiration date! UGH!


  4. aa says:

    capri pants, square neck shirts, and flatforms. enough said.


  5. Just four words: cut my own bangs. Oy!


  6. Emmaleigh504 says:

    Biggest fashion disaster: platform shoes. I twisted my ankle over and over in college; now I fear I will have weak ankles for life. I SUFFER to look good!


  7. Maca says:

    Hair styles are a part of fashion so I’m going with the time I picked up the scissors on a bad day and chopped off “bangs” that ended up looking horrible and my fam still tortures me with the pics
    Great giveaway!


  8. Amy says:

    Black rayon “jeans” with thick red stitching that my mother bought and forced me to wear when I was 14. Oh, and the shoes? They were FABULOUS. they were a sort of patchwork suede with different colors, all in the “burnt” variety: burnt orange, burnt yellow, burnt green.


  9. Kristine says:

    Saggy bottom jeans and pants… I have long legs and needing length means the top gets too big. Oh, and i had a perm in the early 90s. Nuff said!


  10. Rachel says:

    I had some giant overalls (very wide legged) and I wore them often. Sometimes I put a very big wooly sweater over the top. I guess I wanted to look like a weeble. I’m pretty short and insisting on wearing so many giant layers I can only imagine how spherical I looked. But if my lack of wardrobe savvy leads to some SPOILED love, it will all have been worth it!


  11. Suzanne says:

    I HEART the Fug Girls. I think my worst fashion disaster (besides awful 80’s Jet Set matching sets my mother dressed me in) was my high school prom. The dress was reasonably OK, but TOTALLY the wrong shade of peach for my very peachy-colored skin tone and I told the hair stylist I wanted it to be “romantic”. She gave me the EXACT hairstyle from Blogging Dangerously’s avatar. And since it was prom there is far, far too much photographic evidence.


  12. Mia Blankensop says:

    Oooooooooooh! So many to choose from. I think the worst, though, was a satin and wool pink sweater from Antgropologie. Sounds nice, yes? Kind of sweetly classic? Well, no. I shrunk it horribly by accident, yet still wore it at least once a week. And it had a satin hood. And made me look like a little llama cube. And had a weird cropped thing going on. And when I FINALLY gave it away, my boyfriend cheered. Out loud.


  13. Alexandria Taylor says:

    I used to wear a rose pink halter top with a giant rose on the front of it with satin pink above tge elbow opera gloves and flared jeans. I wish I could say that it was a one time mistake. But I loved it and wore the ensemble multiple times. Granted it was back in high school but yikes was it bad.


  14. Eileen says:

    One piece kuloted romper thingy. In high school. Need I add more?


  15. Stephanie T. says:

    Okay, I understand the whole shirt over leggings thing. SOME people can pull it off and make it look cute, especially when the top they’re wearing covers their tushie. But the people that wear TIGHT t-shirts and leggings? We call all see your ass and your muffin top. Just stop it.

    Also, your arm looks HOTT. {Two t’s were necessary.}


  16. My HUGE fashion faux pas are the bras I have been wearing for years. YEARS! They were finally falling apart so much that I had to force myself to go and buy some new ones. I ended up finding the perfect bra… and honest to God if my boobs don’t look bigger and perkier. After nursing 3 kids they were just about aligned with my belly button. Plus, they make my waist look thinner. Who knew? They say a good bra is the most important thing to own.. turns out it’s true.


  17. Megan says:

    Last summer I was on my way up the stairs into work and a woman run up to tell me my jean skirt was ripped. I had already run errands that morning and had several people walking behind me to get into work. Embarrassing to say the least.


  18. linsley says:

    I have a habit of not looking in the mirror when I leave the house and the results are generally disastrous! Too much cleavage, too much chunk showing, wearing flip flops when I shouldn’t. I really should try looking in the mirror more often!


  19. Anna says:

    Hmm, fashion disaster? I can only pick one?

    Probably the tight rolled jeans (acid washed, of course), side pony, and slap bracelets. Wow.


  20. […] Don’t forget you can enter to win a signed copy of the Fug Girls’ Spoiled here. […]

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