BlogHer Fever! (Is not a fun fever like Disco Fever!)

So, there are few types of “obligatory BlogHer posts:”

  • I’ve never been to BlogHer and I am freaking out!
  • I’ve been to BlogHer and y’all just need to chill (see also: lessons learned)
  • What to wear to BlogHer
  • No one cares what you wear at BlogHer
  • Business perspective (business cards, QR codes and the like)

I’ve read about 30 of these posts over the last few days and I have learned a few great things:

  • Bring printed labels (name/email/address) for forms/cards in the expo hall. Genius. (via MomSpark)
  • In a few words: It’s not high school. (via the818)*
  • Talk to people in advance about hanging out (via LinzLovesYou)
  • The conference rooms can be chilly bring a sweater (via everyone)
  • Just go. (via Baby Rabies)

If fashion posts are more your thing, Mandy and Morgan have great posts. I, unfortunately, can’t really shop my closet because nothing fits. Also? I have limited style. But go forth and conquer you stylish people, I’m just hoping to not look like an ass.

*I hope this is true. High school sucked. College was better once I found the angry feminist army. Blogging has been a bit high school for me, but I know my place. I know I am not a cool kid or popular blogger. I won’t be invited to private parties or facebook groups. The only parties I even have RSVPs for (besides the open BlogHer parties), my (much cooler) friends told me about.

I just need to focus on the awesome friends I get to finally meet, or meet again. And the good times I am going to have. Or try and have. And leave with more connections than I came with (unlike Bloggy Boot Camp). And maybe not spend any time crying in the bathroom (unlike Bloggy Boot Camp) (or high school for that matter).  And maybe, just maybe, stop crying every night RIGHT NOW. Because all of these posts telling me not to be stressed out are making me more stressed out.

And then I want to just stay home.



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11 Responses to “BlogHer Fever! (Is not a fun fever like Disco Fever!)”

  1. Suzanne says:

    Dude, I’m obsessed with these posts, so I clicked through to the MomSpark one as soon as I got to the link and it has GENIUS advice. Bring hangers! Collect jewelry into little bags! Label your power cords!

    I feel extremely lucky that I am NOT going to this event knowing no one, like so many commenters on these advice posts seem to be doing. I mean, TECHNICALLY I am going knowing no one, because the few bloggers I do know in real life will not be there, but it doesn’t FEEL like I am going alone. I “know” so many people through their blogs I figure I’ll have TOO many people to meet up with. Although I did go to a conference alone once and it was also super fun.

    OK, now I am going to go finish reading every single word in all of those posts.


    Amy Reply:

    I should have added the bring a power strip to the bring a sweater as a piece of advice that everyone has. But labeling your cords – excellent.

    It’s funny, while I know (online) people and in person (Natalie), I feel like everyone else has roommates/knows MORE people and I will be a constant 5th wheel. I guess I need to focus on being a lone wolf.


  2. the grumbles says:

    i hope i get to see you there! maybe we can plan a time to meet up? when do you get in?


    Amy Reply:

    I’m in on wednesday because I signed up for the women create media mini-conference on Thursday. I’ve been thinking about doing a post with my schedule, but I’m not sure if that makes me ever lamer.


  3. Cristi Comes says:

    We have to meet. I mean you’re not only a Bloggy friend but a words w friends friend, and you sound like a soul sister. I suck at small talk. Anyway, I’m there and want to meet!


  4. Nichole says:

    Okay, great post, but you cried in the bathroom at Bloggy Boot Camp? I cried *after* bloggy boot camp because of one meanie.

    No tears this time, okay? Just fun. And let’s coordinate schedules, okay? :)


    Amy Reply:

    I did. Once during the day and once at the bar later. I think it is just all too much for me.


    Tiffany {SITSGIRLS} Reply:

    I had no idea bloggy boot camp was such a downer.

    I’ll have to work on that… ;)


  5. I really hope we can hang out there. I’m in the excited/scared newbie camp who’s been trying to read *every* BlogHer post!


  6. molly says:

    I have really been enjoying and simultaneously freaking out over all these blogher posts. Mostly it’s just one big fat reminder that I’m actually going. HOLY HELL. I’M GOING!

    Hopefully I’ll see you there? Would love to hang out. Suzanne’s my roomie so I’m guessing we’ll eventually meet up!


    Amy Reply:

    I’m sure we will meet up! I’m getting so excited!


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