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I loved this post from Grumbles and Grunts about getting down and playing with our kids. And it reminded me of a story about me and my dad and rather than hijack her comments, I thought I would tell it here. Plus, I have nothing to talk about but Spencer turning 2 next week! eek! and BlogHer eek! So, this will be away to put off those posts for another day.

I would like to preface this by saying that I don’t remember this at all, but it was told to me so often by my parents that I feel like I do. Which, interestingly, is how much of my childhood memories are framed. I remember people telling me about them, not the incident itself.

My dad mowed the lawn without fail every Saturday. For a few years, maybe 6-8 yrs old, I would be right out there with him, following him with my pop mower and telling him about my week. For an hour or two (we had a big lawn). The only breaks in my narrative would be to fetch him beers. I was happy as a clam, with my dad’s undivided attention. I only had the one sister, but at this time, my dad worked long hours and one-on-one time was rare.

The smarty-pants in the crowd might have noticed the point of interest in this story. He could not hear a single word I was saying. Not a bit. And as a child, I neither knew or cared. All I knew was that I had daddy time. Overall, my parents were pretty game with the “look at me!” or the plays or the roller skate restaurant, which, by the way, I think might have served air food and actual beers. My sister and I knew how to throw a party, even at that early age.

I guess my point is that we remember the playing, not the ignoring, for I am sure they didn’t play every time we asked, but I couldn’t tell you. I think it is important to have a balance. And we learned at a young age to go bug my mom when Big Ten football was on. That was craft time.

As a child, I did a ton of reading. A ton. It warms the cockles of my icy heart to see Spencer flip through the pages of a book and narrate the story in his own little way. If Spencer ends up an only, he is going to need to learn to play on his own, but the onus will be on us to play more, too.  I think one of the biggest benefits, as a child, to having a sibling is the built in playmate. As an adult, it might be having someone to get drunk and price things for the estate sale with.



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  1. the grumbles says:

    i kind of felt weird writing about how my parents didn’t play with me because they DID, but being an only… you still end up playing alone a lot, even if your parents play sometimes. i bet my mom is pissed at me right now!

    i love your lawnmower story, it fits in perfectly with reflections on how we got to be the way we are.


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