Week In Phone Photos: July 2nd – 8th

My husband was out of town for most of this week, so we followed a pretty simple routine of breakfast, park, errand, lunch, nap, backyard, game time, dinner, gabba, bed. Good times. And the 4th of July is in there too, which Spencer and I spent with the in-laws.

Swing time!

4th of July weekend was nirvana for my flag crazed toddler

Pig puppet nap

There may have been extra iPad time during the solo parenting week.

#CuteHairInJuly attempt: tried a new "beach wave" spray. Verdict: too crunchy

Looking at photos with Grandma (who has a super cute new hair cut)

Chowing on chips and guac on the 4th

Running through his grandparents garden

He has trouble picking a beverage.

New shoes!

Because it is more fun to sit where it's wet. Obviously.

Best dinner of the week, even with zoo animal pasta

This could be a problem - he pushed the trunk across the room & used it as a step-stool.

He loves the park with the train & it was one of my favorites as a kid, too.

More new shoes!


That’s our week. Big on fun, low on sleep. Honestly, I would rather sleep… Did you do a week in photos post? Join the fun by linking up with Amy!



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11 Responses to “Week In Phone Photos: July 2nd – 8th”

  1. Natalie says:

    You’re killing me with your super cute new shoes! I love them. I must go shoe shopping! SOON. Also? I like the hair. It looks cute.


    Amy Reply:

    It looked ok, but felt awful. There were weird crunchy stringy parts.


  2. Kimberly says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only with a kid who has cup commitment issues. We have at least three cups going at any time here.


  3. Suzanne says:

    For more than a second, I thought that picture with the many cups, orange bowl, green chair and wood floor was in MY house. It totally could be.

    We also went a little iPad crazy this week. He’s started to call it “Evan’s iPad!” which is…not ok.


    Amy Reply:

    I sneak in your house, take pictures of your floor and watch you sleep. Just so you know.

    Ah yes, in our house it is known as “Spencer’s ‘puter.”


  4. Amanda says:

    Shoes! Love them!


    Amy Reply:

    I’ve gone a little shoe crazy leading up to BlogHer.


  5. What a fun post! LOVE those shoes.


    Amy Reply:

    Thanks! I love them too!


  6. love the photos. iPad sure comes handy in our house. the photo of toddler sleeping in the car seat is oh so sweet

    My last post: Ways to Decorate Your Child’s Room


  7. Wendy says:

    Cute shoes! :)


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