Week In Photos: Nothing to see here

This week’s photos are pretty crappy, literally. We did lots of fun stuff, but I had some phone issues and it failed to save a bunch of pictures. I deleted ALL 300 photos on my phone after this upload, so I hope that fixes it right up.

I remembered the sand toys for once. Much fun was had.

Fancy beer! Yummy, but not quite worth the price.

Reason #2 (heh) why off leash dogs in parks suck.

Every trip to target includes 10 minutes looking at vacuums. He's obsessed.

I take pictures of my clothes and send them to Suzanne. BlogHer has made me insane.

He flipped while sleeping & made his own pillows.

1st Gryos!

And I send her pictures of hair do-dads. Poor Suzanne.

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5 Responses to “Week In Photos: Nothing to see here”

  1. alana says:

    Love the hair do dad!
    also love that Spencer loves Gyros. We are obsessed here!


  2. Kim says:

    I’m not even going to BlogHer, and all of the fashion posts are making me feel like I need a feature on What Not To Wear! And Spencer looks super comfy napping :)


  3. Suzanne says:

    NOT poor Suzanne. Lucky Suzanne. Because out of the 200+ pictures on my phone for this weeks post, 50 of them were shots of me in various outfits that I sent to you. We can go back to being normal people after August 7th.


  4. TMae says:

    I bought the Saison Ovila. We’ll see how it tastes.

    AND, as a dog owner I want to say it’s not off-leash dogs that are the cause of that problem there, it’s crappy dog owners who don’t pay attention to what their dogs are doing, or care enough to pick it up when they see it. MAKES ME CRAZY, because it makes those of us that DO pick up after our dogs (and any other that we see just lying there) look bad. /end rant. I also get annoyed with dog owners who are oblivious as to the inappropriateness of off-leash time for their dogs when there’s a park full of kids.


    Amy Reply:

    Agreed that it is the owner, not the dog, but off-leash dogs in the city, excluding designated dog parks/hours (and this has neither), is illegal. It should be a non-issue whether or not children are present. It is just the usual American disregard for laws the don’t like or think are dumb, like texting while driving. And as a rule follower, it drives me insane. Also, safety issues. And the lack of response from animal control, the sheriff and the police when I tried to get anyone to respond to the large, unattended off-leash dog the other day.


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