Week in Phone Pictures: The Return

Holy crap! I haven’t done this since May. Between the secret vacation, the project 365 posts and the photo issue on my blog, it has been two months! Crazy.

Scaling Mt Goodyear

Spencer doing a self portrait


No logic to Toddler Tic Tac Toe


Playing on the big slide


This horrified an old lady. Not sure it if was they tie-dye or the high heels...


At the beach with Natalie's girls for my birthday!


Spencer is still talking about the orange fish. And Sophia & Olivia.

1st attempt at #CuteHairInJuly

I have no idea how people take cute photos of the back of their head. Someone needs a tutorial for that.

Good thing he likes Target. I think we went 4 times this week...

Birthday cake with the in-laws on Friday. Spencer practiced blowing out the candles.

That was our week! For more great posts, check out the link-up at Amy’s.


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7 Responses to “Week in Phone Pictures: The Return”

  1. Suzanne says:

    The toddlers-love-high-heels thing must be universal. I’m going to be sad if Evan ever tells me those shoes are for girls.

    Holy cow is your hair long! You can do SO much with it when you’ve got that much to work with.

    Happy birthday again!


    Amy Reply:

    The whole my hair is long enough to do cool stuff is only theoretical. It magically pushes bobby pins back about and I am unable to accomplish anything with it. Although, I figured out a cool braid thing yesterday. It just isn’t very bunable.


    TMae Reply:

    Have you tried chopsticks / hair sticks? I used to live by a bun, secured with a stick. It’s super simple, can be done when wet, and depending on the stick you use, adds a little bit of flair. (Because if there’s nothing else Office Space taught us, it’s that MORE FLAIR is always the way to go.)


    Amy Reply:

    Not just flair, but HAIR FLAIR. It is even better when it rhymes. I tried them in the early 90s, when Donna Martin had them. Perhaps I might be more adept now.

  2. TMae says:

    Your hair IS cute. I, also, want to know how to take a pic of the back of my head. Maybe I need longer arms?


  3. molly says:

    I just love when they have so much fun playing on the playground stuff for bigger kids. But they look so tiny when they do!

    Also? Don’t fret about the old lady. You should have seen the look on the old lady in Dairy Queen when I let my 1-year-old have my ice cream cone and let it drip all over him :)


  4. Kimberly says:

    I can barely get a good shot of the FRONT of my head! And I love the smile in Target. Adorable!


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