Week in Phone Pics: Birthday Week!

Spencer’s birthday week! Filled with fun and presents and cake. Followed by demands for more presents and cake. He has finally stopped asking for presents every day, which I’m sure will start up again after his party on the 13th.

I blame Moose A Moose for his recent fascination with big and small letters.

All this kid wants is upside-down all. the. time.

Fell asleep sticker faced.

Looks like such a kid here, not a toddler...

Ugliest dolls ever.


Hop! Hop! Hop! SCOTCH! (toddler rules)

I drew this. Spencer knew it was a pictute of him. Somehow.

Free Cupcake! (Love the B&N Kid's Club)

Trash truck! Fire truck! SO MANY TRUCKS.

pool fun!

Reason #3 why I hate avocado trees. (#1 Possums #2 Spiders)

Volunteer sunflower in the lime tree pot.

What did you do this week? If you captured it on your phone, you should link up with Amy.

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3 Responses to “Week in Phone Pics: Birthday Week!”

  1. Nichole says:

    That is one gorgeous boy you have there.
    And those dolls will give me nightmares, so thank you for that.


  2. Suzanne says:

    Mmmmm…cupcake. I’ll take that avocado tree off your hands (although it won’t grow here, sad face). Happy Birthday Spencer!


  3. Blond Duck says:

    Popped in from SITS! How cute!


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