BlogHer 11 Recap: I was not expecting my thighs to hurt.

I started this post 5 times and abandoned it just as many. I finally was working on a draft that I liked and I went to bed apparently without saving it. Of course. I blame conference hangover. Rather than give up, because I have moments I would like to capture before I forget them, I thought I would hand out awards.

The award for…

the best decision making goes to Eileen for convincing me to skip the Women Create Media event and hang out by the pool on Thursday and drink Bloody Marys. I can’t think of a better way to start off the conference weekend. Also, for arranging the dinner at The Marble Room on Saturday where there were indeed naked ladies in the bathroom…

the best use of glitter bad assery goes to Suzanne for rocking a 7 am workout with Bob Harper on Saturday morning with her back covered in Sparklecorn glitter. Also, I loved Suzanne even more than I thought I would. And that workout was brutal, my thighs and butt hurt until Tuesday. Tuesday!!

the worst use of time management goes to the hotel staff who told my husband they would clean our room next and failed to show for 2.5 hours which caused more than a little nap wonkiness. Luckily, Spence (and my husband) are go with the flow rockstars.

the most surprisingly serious looking goes to Veronica. I am so lucky that I was able to attend not one but two sessions with Veronica and hang a bit at one of the parties. I am devastated that we didn’t get a picture with my tented Mr Burns fingers compatriot. But, when she is rocking her glasses and concentrating, the girl is all business. I love it.  We also texted while sitting next to each other in a session which made me feel like I was in high school, but one with awesome classes.

the worst session choices goes to me. I didn’t like a bunch of them, but I think it was my choices. I should have gone with my friends for a couple of their picks. They liked them. . I also skipped a session to go to a private suite that was supposed to have swag, but was a bunch of raffles for stuff I didn’t care about. Dumb.

the most like their blogs award goes to Mandy and Jamie. I love this about them, it means their online voices are completely original and true. So sweet and generous with their time. I couldn’t have asked for better people to meet first. The bitches came later. Thank god, or I never would have left the hotel room.

the most awesome non-swag goes to the Queen Bee Market. All of the booths were amazing and I love the things I bought so much more than anything I got for free.

the worst use of time goes to “blogger time.” Everything was late, regular sessions, sponsored sessions, opening remarks, sponsored lunches. Thankfully, most things still ended on time. I’m still annoyed about being forced to miss a session because a sponsored meal seated late and then we all ordered really late because people were so late. (If anyone knows what I am referring to, this is not about the people who got lost, but those who double booked).

the best example of strike while the iron’s hot goes to my chance encounter with Jen. She was on my list of people I really wanted to meet, I ran into her at the people’s party (after meeting the Bloggess, who complimented my hair, squee!) attached myself to her like a barnacle and we left the party and sat and chatted for about 15 minutes. And then except for seeing her dance on stage at Sparklecorn, I never saw her again.

my favorite chance encounter goes to our finding Sparklecorn adventure. Suzanne and I were wandeing the hotel looking for the party, not realizing that it was over in the convention center. We stood in the lobby, stopped someone who was walking by obviously dressed for the party. We found the signs and all headed in the right direction. It wasn’t until someone stopped her to say hi that we realized that it was Kelle. She is so pretty it’s distracting and just as sweet as can be.

the worst use of bitchface goes to me. So many people thought I disliked them or ignored them because I am so shy and anxious. I just figure people don’t care to talk to me in a group setting. Next year I am making a button that says “Unable to say Hi first.” Also, I hate pictures of myself so I didn’t take any. Regrets, I have them.

the most branding goes to the whole thing. I found it overwhelming, distracting and detracting. I understand that it makes the conference cheap and the parties free, but I wasn’t anticipating the way it was implemented. For example, I wasn’t expecting a vacuum demo at one of the evening parties. I felt like I was at the county fair. My issue, not the conference, and now I know.

the people I saw and met and hugged but didn’t get to see enough goes to Nichole, Lori, Morgan, Diana, Alena, Miranda and so, so many more.



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17 Responses to “BlogHer 11 Recap: I was not expecting my thighs to hurt.”

  1. TheNextMartha says:

    It’s crazy how that works out right? I’ve learned if you see them, take the time to talk to them because it might never happen again. It was so nice sitting and chatting. It was one of the few times that happened. The sitting, not the chatting, oh lord my feet. I didn’t sense any awkwardness, but I’m pretty obnoxious, so there’s that.


  2. TheNextMartha says:

    Oh, I forgot, it was great bc you were one of the people on my list!


    Amy Reply:

    I am totally stealing your idea next year and having a literal list. And a bingo card.


    Katie Reply:

    I want to play! ;)


  3. Katie says:

    LOVE the awards!!! So funny!!! And I pretty much agree with EVERYTHING.
    Now as I read… I ran into Kelle and Suzanne in the hallway and made an utter fool of myself {2 glasses of wine into the night…} screaming “ZOMG IT’S KELLY HAMPTON!” Were you with her?!?!


    Amy Reply:

    I was! So I guess we crossed paths after all!


    Katie Reply:

    LOL. I made a total utter fool of myself didn’t I?


  4. Suzanne says:

    I agree with all of it. I am telling everyone my plan for next year is to go to the session I am REALLY interested in, hang out at the expo during downtime (because I somehow missed at least half the booths, even though I walked through four or five times) and spend ALL my meals with friends. Probably at restaurants instead of at the conference, so things are less crowded and distracting and I don’t feel like I’m always looking over my shoulder for someone else I might want to meet. Which is totally my own fault but something I had a hard time controlling.

    Miss you already. Next year I will MAKE you be in more photos.


  5. the grumbles says:

    girl. it was so nice to meet you. THANK YOU for saving my ass as soon as I got there. it got me back on track to have fun after having bloody marys with you and Eileen.


  6. Cole says:

    Mommy wants to party with all her bloggy idols! Good thing next year’s is back in NY, so she has a chance of going :)

    Glad you had a good time!


    Amy Reply:

    I would love to see you in NYC!


  7. I love this post! i wish we got more time to chat at BlogHer but it was great to run into you!


  8. Kim says:

    I can’t wait to see you in NYC :)


  9. i am totally going next year & can’t WAIT to meet you! don’t worry, i’ll say hi first. and i keep hearing about blogher bitches… i wanna know more!!


  10. TMae says:

    So.Very.Jealous. So excited that you got to meet these awesome bloggers, and have some fun.

    NYC 2012 – I’ll hug your face (which is a line I’m shamelessly stealing from Suzanne.). (Or NOLA before then.)


  11. Veronica says:

    I love my award! Next time more pictures. It was truly wonderful meeting you. One of the best parts of the trip.


    Amy Reply:

    I’m so glad you liked the award! I was worried you wouldn’t and then I stopped worrying because I think you “get” me. So glad we met!


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