For those of you who may have missed my bellyaching, both literally and figuratively, on the twitter the last few days, I don’t know, what with the earthquakes and hurricanes and what have you, I’m sick. It is a mysterious gastrointestinal illness that I am choosing to believe is not related to the fact that I went off the rails of my diet over the last month, but probably is.

It was so easy to slip into not being on my diet. It started with BlogHer week, but then I just didn’t stop it. I had so many excuses. My sister was coming, Spencer’s party, too busy to track… End result: I’ve lost a pound since my 30 pounds lost post. Some might consider that a victory, but really it is a bit of a failure. I should have lost 5. August was just a series of escalating poor choices. And now here I am, feeling like crap.

Since, I hate going to the doctor, I’ve been relying on the internet, but abdominal symptoms are pretty hard to self-diagnose. I’ve delcared this to be everything from diverticulitis, ibs, some sort of intestinal blockage and of course colon cancer. The only thing saving me from a formal decleration of internet cancer is that I’m not bleeding out of my ass. Yet.


In my days of lolling about on the couch, writhing in pain and googling my self into a stupor, everything seemed to point to diet. Eliminating things from my diet. Blarg. The diet du jour that the internet promises will solve all my problems is paleo, but I’m not sure I could give up so many things. And then I saw the 30 day plan that will solve ALL of my problems, but it involves giving up grains, sugar, dairy, alcohol, potatoes and everything else good in life. Part of the problem with doing any of those things, is that vegetables (at least the gassy ones like beets, lettuce, broccoli) are a huge factor in my pains. So what would I eat? Most fruit hurts too. So, I could eat boiled chicken and tomatoes. Yuck. I would rather be in pain.


On Monday, I am getting back on the Spark program as best as I can. I’m going to limit dairy, except for yogurt, which doesn’t hurt that bad and is probably good for me. Celery and carrots seem to be safe. I just leaned that eggs and tomatoes are not. In related news, delicious frittata recipe coming soon. But, the abdominal pains have regressed to how bad they were at the beginning. Which is to say, things are not feeling good.

The icing on the cake is that Spencer kicked me hard in the stomach during his diaper change. Hard enough that I saw flashes of white light. I always thought that was a myth. It is not. So, um, that’s what up. Lame. Hope it improves.


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4 Responses to “Sick”

  1. TMae says:

    No bueno. The increased pain when being kicked by a toddler suggests some sort of inflammation, maybe? I hate going to the doctor, too, (Enter 6 months of self-treating a recurrent yeast infection that was actually not a yeast infection. Whoops.) but persistent pain….I hope you feel better. And don’t start pooping blood.


    Amy Reply:

    He kicked HARD. Double footed right under my ribs. I think it might have hurt that much if I were in tip top shape. Interestingly, due to the law of the internet, I feel better today.


  2. Eek. I hate the doctor too, but in that case I might just suck it up and go.


  3. morgan says:

    Ugh … sorry. My mom and sis have been doing the paleo diet for about 3 weeks and are loving all the extra energy and lack of stomach yuckies. Hope you are on the mend soon.

    Visiting from SITS :)


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