Week in Pictures: BlogHer11 Week!

Super. Fun. Week. Let’s get to the pictures. There may be a few camera pictures thrown in, I hope Amy doesn’t get too made. I hear she can throw a punch.

Spaghetti dinner before. (Also, how cute is he in a booster seat!)

And after...

Fighting the bushes!

We attempted story time, but the toys were more interesting.

First Cheeto! He calls them tiger chips. (All about the classy milestones)

He looks so lanky and old. Stop growing!

1st night in San Diego. Went to the Top Gun bbq place accidently. Pretty yummy.

Smurfette had to be led around because there were no eyeholes. It was creepy. Also: BlogHer - SQUEE!

Suzanne! Puppy!

Opening remarks


Suzanne and I glitter bombed Spencer before Sparklecorn

Sound asleep with his bunny.

Working out with Bob Harper. I am still sore.


Because I am a moron, this is the only pic I have of Eileen or Courtney,

I met the California Raisin.

Peggy Ann Design booth at Queen Bee Market!

New bracelet: Stubborn

Naked ladies in the bathroom of the Marble Room.



Ford Family Picnic on Sunday then home.

What did you do this week? If you captured it on your phone, you should link up with Amy.

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5 Responses to “Week in Pictures: BlogHer11 Week!”

  1. Nichole says:

    I am SO happy that I had the opportunity to meet your beautiful family on Sunday!

    What a lovely surprise it was!


  2. TMae says:


    I’m kind of creeped out that Smurfette doesn’t have the ability to see. I mean…there are so many places I could go with that.

    Also? No one told me there would be cute dogs at BlogHer. I would have made WAY MORE effort to be there. :-D


    Amy Reply:

    The brand mascots were all kinds of creepy: smurfs, ca raisin, pinesol snork looking things and the pringle dude. ALL CREEPY,


  3. Suzanne says:

    The dogs were SO CUTE. I think the only thing cuter was Spencer. I wish I had had hours and hours to snuggle him.

    Did you find your stubborn bracelet or did you take the pic before you lost it? I dropped my HP bracelet on the plane but the girl behind me returned it before I started crying.

    I miss you bunches and bunches already.


  4. I’m so glad I met you in San Diego! I’m still going through my photos but I know there’s at least one of you on tonight’s post. I’ll add them to FB & tag you this week too. :)


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