Week in Phone Pictures: Party Week!

I don’t even remember this week is was so crazy. Home from BlogHer, unpacking, cleaning, my sister came wednesday and then serious party prep mode. I think I went to 7 stores in 2 days, most of them twice. Lists, I lose them. party was fun, but I don’t think I took a single phone pic so those will have to wait for the party post….

Getting back to business at the park.

I love this park.

You can't really see, but there was a bat ont the tree.

Spence got the camera and took 15 pictures of his pants,

Dinner out at a place with tablecloths! Fancy!

So, lemon faces happened.

Post party, pre-bed.

The Aftermath.

Typical toddler: jammies + helmet = awesome

One last book before my sister headed back to NYC.

I don't even know.

What did you do this week? If you captured it on your phone, you should link up with Amy.


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7 Responses to “Week in Phone Pictures: Party Week!”

  1. Love the lemon faces. I have a whole bowl on the table. Maybe I’ll turn them into a pirate crew and see if the kids notice when they wake up in the morning.


  2. Suzanne says:

    You are a brave brave mama for taking a toddler to a tablecloth-fancy restaurant. We can only go to places where they encourage throwing stuff on the floor.

    Love the lemon faces and the Spencer-style.


  3. TMae says:

    Dude, what is it with toddlers and helmets? O would take his to bed with him if I let him. (Okay, let’s just be honest – you wanna wear your helmet to bed? Fine.)


  4. Kim says:

    I love the backwards hat pic at the park. So cool! And is it bad that my counters look like than now & I haven’t had a party here in over a month?


    Amy Reply:

    My counters are normally pretty bad too, the extent of the damage can’t really be seen in the photo…


  5. love the jammies/helmet ensemble! and also, i had to tell you that i bought frozen brown rice today from trader joe’s because i was inspired by you to do so. keep teaching me stuff!


    Amy Reply:

    OMG. I love the frozen brown rice so much. Pro Tip: let it sit a minute or two longer than you think. That stuff it HOT when it finishes cooking.


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