Let’s Talk Books

I know my readers are readers. I know this because it has come up time and time again, on twitter, in comments, in idle mentions of starting a book club. I’ve even mailed more than one of my online friends a package of books. And yet, my blogher book club post never get commented upon. I’m assuming it’s for one of a few reasons: teaser post, sponsored post, every one else does the same post or you just don’t care what I think. My guess is 1-3. 4 makes me sad.

I used to be quite the reader, about 2-3 books a week, plus 6 magazines a month. At least. Since has made a huge impact on the number of books I read, but I still manage to squeeze in 2 a month.

So, here’s my question. If I read something great, do you want to know? Should I get the little currently reading wigit from Amazon? It wouldn’t make me any money unless they brought back the affiliate program for California and I didn’t notice. Just curious and thinking it might be fun to try some new things on the blog.

What say you, reading readers?


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4 Responses to “Let’s Talk Books”

  1. Katie E. says:

    I love books and magazines – reading in general. I’d definitely be interested in reading about books you’ve enjoyed (or not enjoyed). I’m always looking for new things to read!


  2. Suzanne says:

    I always read Swistle’s book review posts, because she describes the books in a way that lets me know if I will enjoy them without giving away too much of the story. It’s nice to know ahead of time if a book has a satisfying ending or a crazy twist or a dead baby. At least I think it is.

    I always like book recommendations, but 90% of the time I never get around to reading them. Although now that I can read on the iPad I have actually made it through THREE books this year!


  3. TMae says:

    I would love to know what you’re reading now. I don’t tend to read reviews of books unless they start with, “This books was uh-maze-ing, and I read 400 pages in 12 hours.” Writing books reviews is hard. I’ve avoided doing it because whenever I read a book I love I have brain stutters and can’t accurately express WHY I loved it (American Wife – from you in a generous book box!), and when I hate a book, I don’t care enough to point people towards it (Edgar Sawtelle).

    Good Reads informs me that I currently have 23 books on my To Read shelf. That doesn’t include the ones that I *actually* have on my shelf in my living room. At least two of my virtual To Read books have come from you, and I think there are 3 from the box you sent on my living room shelf, so you have reach! And in a fit of brutal honesty, I hate clicking through to BlogHer. The site gives me a headache.


    Amy Reply:

    In a fit of honesty, I will say to you I am pretty sure the one I am reading now is my last official BH book review.


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