Avoid These Playground Sand Traps

There so many things I just never knew before I became a parent and how to handle a playground is one of them. I just didn’t know going to the park could be so complex. There have been many posts on park etiquette and how to hover without hovering too much by mothers much more experience and wise than I. I have a few tips for dealing with parks/playgrounds with a sand base that would have saved me so much grief if I had just known them sooner.

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  1. Sand dries wet equipment. I saw a mom casually throw a few handfuls of sand on some water pooled on the bottom of a slide and brush it off. Voila! Dry slide. My world was rocked. No more wet pants, not more carting a towel on foggy morning. The park cleans itself! Now, this doesn’t work when the playground equipment or park sand is rain soaked. The sand needs to be mostly dry. It works great for errant sprinkler water or fog or dew that damped equipment.
  2. Toddler attire: sand gets everywhere and stuck in every single shoe seam and crevice. We even had dedicated park shoes and would still get sand in the car or house. Enter the Croc. And if your toddler, like mine, doesn’t like the feeling of sand on their toes, I highly recommended Crocs with socks.
  3. Mama attire: boots. Now, on the warmest days, flip-flops are a great park shoe if you don’t mind sandy feet, but the rest of the year, I swear by my boots. Sand kicks off the outer seams and I never, ever have sand in my shoes. I have a worn, beloved pair of Justin’s that I wear constantly. Also – no cuffs. Sand will end up everywhere if you end up sitting in the sand and then forget to dump them out.


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3 Responses to “Avoid These Playground Sand Traps”

  1. Brigid Keely says:

    Sand sticks to wet things. If you have a sandy body part/clothing you can dust it with baby powder to dry up the excess moisture and then brush everything off.


    Amy Reply:

    I’ll have to remember that the next time we go to the beach. I bet it works great for sandy feet.


  2. Suzanne says:

    I was trying to think if we have ANY sand based playgrounds and realized it must be a west coast thing. Besides the playground AT the beach and the dedicated sand pit area at a couple parks we don’t do sand. For which I am glad – I hardly even go to the beach because I HATE THE SAND. It would be awful if it kept me away from the playground.


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