Week in Phone Photos: School! Sushi! Sunshine!

This was a busy week in the lemon house. Spencer started preschool! We also had many a park visit, a few backyard adventures and went out to sushi! I’m testing out collages this week. I did them a with out much rhyme or reason, which is fun, but not helpful to know what is going on. Maybe next time, I’ll try out doing a Mon-Weds and Thurs-Sun collage or something.

Sushi! With chopsticks! First day of preschool (orientation). Picnic snack in the backyard. Swinging with no hands. Toddler in a box. Water painting.

Spence invented a new book stacking game that is oddly similar to Go Fish. My 50 cent garage sale chair. Murky diner pickles. Chili dog of awesomeness, my stomach was not quite ready for it. Reading.

I’m linking up with Amy over at A Good Life Blog for the week in phone pictures link-up.

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6 Responses to “Week in Phone Photos: School! Sushi! Sunshine!”

  1. Suzanne says:

    I like the collages! The diner pickles look extremely sketchy. And I’m wicked impressed by the chopsticks. Go Spencer!!


    Amy Reply:

    We call them fetal pickles. And don’t eat them.


  2. TMae says:

    Fetal pickles!

    O loves smoked salmon, but I hadn’t really thought to try sushi with him. I don’t know why…


    Amy Reply:

    We don’t give Spence that much raw fish. He has bites of some rolls. He mostly likes edamame, sushi rice and teriyaki chicken. Oh – and this time he was into the bbq beef.


  3. Kim says:

    We’ve gotten JD avocado rolls a few times- messy, but also funny.
    And I may have to try a backyard picnic snack tomorrow. So cute!


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