Week in Phone Pictures: Crappy Haircut Edition

So, Spencer got a hair cut this week. It is… not good. In the hairdresser’s defense, he was fussy and squirming and not a happy camper. But, still, it is crooked, choppy and uneven. I should take him back, but don’t really want to deal. I think I might let it grow for 2 weeks and try and smooth it out right before his preschool pictures at the end of the month. On the bright side – bunny ears!

First off, the hair cut. Before (top row), Right After (yellow background) and then washed at home. All I can say is good thing he likes hats…

Beginning of the week: checking out the flag, chalk robots, running in the yard, swinging, bendy straw, fall beer

Later in the week: more swinging, blue brobee/green brobee, reading, bananaing, BUNNY EARS!, target coat from the brand-that-will-not-be-named

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4 Responses to “Week in Phone Pictures: Crappy Haircut Edition”

  1. Kimberly says:

    mmmm fall beer. I know I need to bring JD in for a haircut before his school pictures, but every time I bring it up, he screams “NO HAIRCUT”, so I think I’m going to forget about it. And I love the face in the “washed at home” pic- priceless!


    Amy Reply:

    Spencer was screaming No Haircut for weeks, but we made an appointment for right after school. He seemed willing until he sat in the chair and freaked.


  2. Suzanne says:

    The hair looks not that bad at all, even though I’m sure in person you think it’s TERRIBLE. I used to think moms who let their little boys have long hair were hippies – now I know they’re just SMART.

    I am jealous of your awesome coat.


  3. Melissa says:

    Oh man… haircuts. We had a really successful first haircut and a not-so-successful second trip. The second trip ended up being a little choppy and uneven too.


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