Week in Photos: Walk Like a Dinosaur

We had an interesting week: Spencer had a cold over the weekend (thanks first day of preschool), but was better in time to go back on Tuesday, did a bunch of lurking at home over the holiday, hung out with the family and then hit the natural history museum with Natalie and her two girls. It’s right next to USC and it was game day. We went early, missed most of the crowds and saw a lot of people in red.

Top: fun times with a sick toddler: wearing a collander and cowboy hat, chilling, first cup of tea.

Bottom: Hot weather brings out the old man floridian in Spence, back at the back, mysterious high chair shot.

Top: dino tracks at the museum, halloween craftiness sneak peek, falling asleep on mama, giant paper is awesome.

Bottom: lameness at the bookstore, 1st preschool art, lazy way to bring a list to the store, grampa’s hat, chicken casserole.

Did you take phone pictures this week? Join the fun and link up with Amy.

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3 Responses to “Week in Photos: Walk Like a Dinosaur”

  1. Kim says:

    I can’t wait to see the Halloween craft. O’s 1st birthday is right before Halloween, so I’m feeling a ton of extra pressure to get it right this year.


  2. Cole says:

    Weird coincidence – I *also* wore a colander as a hat this week. Spence and me? We have style. Also, I have those same monkey jemmies. :)


  3. colanders make awesome hats… way to go spence :)


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