Cheese and Bees Please

So. We had our first really Chuck E Cheese adventure this weekend. My sister and I had attempted to take Spencer last winter when it rained for enough days in a row that the indoor playground sold out before it even opened for the day. It was early that day, but he was just not in to it. We sat him on a few things, showed him a few games, but the minute we dropped a token in the Barney train he freaked his little year and a half old lid.

This time it was different.

We had a rough morning and then I finally got him in the car and convinced him we were going to an indoor park. I made and off-hand comment about whack-a-mole which he latched on to and some how became convince that the iced coffee I picked up on the way was whackamole (pronounced like guacamole). Weirdo. We were headed to Chuck E Cheese for a birthday party for a four year old, but with a wide variety of children under 5. I know none of the parents, Spencer was getting over a cold and my husband had to work. I was stressed the hell out.

We got there and Spencer’s eyes were huge. He was so distracted by the shiny-sparkly-loud that he let me put the gift on the table with out much of a fight. Said hi and decided to run around check things out. Back to the dreaded Barney train, put him in, strapped the belt, but a token in and nothing, because it was broken and unmarked. But, then we tried the blinking-flashing-loud cop bike. Success! Carousel. Success! Skee ball. Almost killed a nearby tot. Can’t win ’em all.

I do have to admit party time with the big mouse was a little weird. This was also my first chuck e cheese party, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was not expecting a booming recorded soundtrack, a lip syncing mouse and an overly perky real person staff-host. Seriously, she was like a pageant mom. The most amazing part of it all is the birthday girl’s newborn (well 1 monther) baby brother slept through the whole thing.

Pizza was meh, fruit punch is now Spencer’s bff and the hot sandwiches are surprisingly good. Cake, well, I only eat the frosting, that was delish and Spence got a little freaked out by the brown cake BROWN CAKE. (We don’t give him a lot any chocolate.) Side Note: people thought it was really weird he recognized Hello Kitty. OMG keep the boy away from the pink and shiny.

We played a few more games, cruised around, said our goodbyes and went to the door we were told by the fire department that we couldn’t leave until the swarm of bees outside had been resolved. So, I was literally trapped in a chuck e cheese. By bees.

So, there’s that.

They gave us more tokens and we hit skeeball again and I scored big, Spencer didn’t main anyone, we killed about 45 minutes and we were set free. But the idea of being trapped freaked me out. I kept eyeing the emergency exits. The only thing that kept me from bolting was my hospital training in child abduction prevention. I can only imagine the lock down procedures the poor employees have to go through at chuck e cheese if the emergency alarms are tripped.

Spencer conked on the way home, successfully transferred to his crib for the rest of his nap and I promptly opened an ice cold beer. I think his favorite part must have been putting the tokens in the slots because he woke up midway through his nap, stirred and said “I need more coins, mama. Coins.” And then passed right back out.


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4 Responses to “Cheese and Bees Please”

  1. TheNextMartha says:

    Swarm of bees? I’ve never even heard such a thing. Did they end up just swarming somewhere else? Were the firemen going to blow them away with water? I don’t go to C-E-C. Not my thing. I make my husband do it. :)


    Amy Reply:

    Everything was wet, so I’m assuming they washed a hive away with water or something. I didn’t ask – I took their free tokens and played skee ball.


  2. Cole says:

    Mommy is NOT a fan of Chuck E Cheese – too loud. I think being trapped in one is a really scary thought! Glad Spencer had a good time, though :)


  3. TMae says:

    Bees? Seriously? That’s the kind of stuff you can’t make up. Imagine the story when he’s 20. “Spencer, remember that birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese when we got trapped?” Random listener, “Oh! Was it raining really hard? Or maybe there was a manhunt in full force outside?” Spencer: “Oh yeah! I remember that. The BEES! And mama kept walking around muttering about ‘bustin’ outta this place’ or something.”

    You’re brave. I would probably have feigned an illness I hate Chuck E Cheese that much. And amusement parks. Because I’m a communist.


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