Happy Halloween + More Vintage Amy

Happy Halloween! I searched and searched for a picture of my most favorite costume: pumpkin made my mom (my dad had a matching one). I was only able to find an unfortunate picture of me in his costume in high school. So, instead I present Angel Amy.

Kindergarten. I think

I would just like to note: that is a wig. We had one “dress up” wig, I wore it for more than one costume. I know it was my witch hair, too. I’ve been trying to think of all of the things I dressed up as and really could only remember: bee, mighty mouse, angel, witch (twice), pumpkin, french maid, scarecrow, princess. I don’t think I ever had a purchased character costume.

I’m pretty excited about tonight. Going to take Spencer to his school party/trunk or treat and then to his grandparents and maybe trick or treat a few neighborhood houses. He doesn’t quite get the whole process, but he sure likes knocking on doors.

On a side note, what the hell is up with the rogue trick or treaters this year? I understand having parties or events the weekend before, but unless your neighborhood officially designates it, there should be no trick or treating except for Halloween. Period. I had kids show up at my door on Saturday which I find to be unacceptable. And I bet those same kids are going to show up again tonight.


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2 Responses to “Happy Halloween + More Vintage Amy”

  1. Suzanne says:

    Did you turn them away? I would have told them to get lost, Halloween is Monday. We had bad weather which kept the kids away, but I’m expecting droves tonight.


  2. the grumbles says:

    um yeah, no treating out of turn. but i’m the halloween bitch. i told some kids with no costumes to get lost until they made something up.


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