Vintage Halloween Link-Up On Friday!

This is not an embarrassing picture:

It is a cute picture of my sister, me and my dad (left to right) carving pumpkins. I am saving the big guns for Friday. What is Friday you ask? A vintage Halloween link-up! What is a vintage Halloween link-up? It is a super fun, festive good time.

Suzanne from Bebehblog and I are hosting a linky starting friday for everyone to share their childhood Halloween memories with pictures and words. Or just pictures. Or words. It doesn’t matter how you want to play along. Just join in the fun.

My post will be interesting. I can’t find the right box of photo albums, so right now the only option is a picture from high school that involves a pumpkin, 2 smurfs and some sort of ghost. Have I mentioned that my friends and I werre decidedly not popular? This is geeky good times. I am hoping to find a cuter picture, but failing that, mortification will do.

Please join us on Friday! Look at all the advanced notice we are giving you. A week is plenty of time to dig through your garage or your parents garage and find something fun to share.

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  1. Kim says:

    Awesome! This is the perfect thing for me to do instead of cleaning my house :)


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