Week in Photos: Road Trip!

So, I am chopping up the weekend by posting this now, but I have some downtime in Sacramento so I thought I might as well download my phone. And then Spencer kept napping and napping, so I thought I might as well upload some pictures. Then here we are… Spencer and I drove up to Sacramento on Thursday to meet hubs at the end of a work trip, so the beginning of the week we were on our own and later it turned to super family fun time.*


His was cream with a tiny splash of coffee, mine was just the opposite.

I asked him where he lived. He said California. And then jumped on it. Crazy!**


Sick toddler living in tent city.


Bedtime rebeillion. Books are not for standing!


Inexplicably the only pictute I took this day. I'm not sure why.


Ready to get on the road.

Hotel Shenanigans.


Hotel Living.


He drew a face. First face. HE DREW A FACE.


Turtle Time!

Hugging Bronwyn goodbye.

Did you take phone pictures this week? You should link up with Amy!

*I wrote the introduction on Saturday. And then never finished the post. Note to self: either write the into after uploading and inserting all of the pictures or rewrite it. Next time.

**I told the story of Spencer the Geography Boy Wonder to my husband. Then he informed me that every time they go to the playground at the school, he has been teaching him this. I liked my version better.


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2 Responses to “Week in Photos: Road Trip!”

  1. Melissa says:

    I hope your trip to our neck of the woods was fun! I talk crap about Sacramento, but it’s treated us well.

    Oh and I do like your version of the Geography Boy Wonder better too.


  2. Kim says:

    I think you should go with your Geography Boy Wonder story. It totally fits Spencer. And we love hotel living. I’ve spent real time thinking about how living in a nice (but not super nice) hotel would probably be cheaper than living in our house. And clean towels appear every day.


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